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Exodus 20

Exodus 20 is our latest scripture memory passages. A number of months back, our pastor was teaching through this section…. Continue reading »

Book Review: God’s Good News (Devotions from Billy Graham)

My first review book this month for Tommy Nelson is God’s Good News Bible Storybook. I grew up watching Billy… Continue reading »

Book Review: Count My Blessings 1-2-3

I’m learning to count my blessings. It’s something I very much want my children to learn, too. So many times… Continue reading »

Teaching Children to Pray

I have written through the years of being a little girl visiting with my great-grandmother. The example of her faith… Continue reading »

The Aroma of My Heart

I’ve been taken with our roses lately. I find myself lingering over them- dreaming of a time when the entire… Continue reading »

February 11, 2015

We’ve had the flu. I’ve come to appreciate (is that the way I really want to word what I’m thinking?),… Continue reading »

Restore Me, Lord.

Tonight, I sat to talk with my lovely young daughter who seems to carry the weight of the world on… Continue reading »

Dearest Friends

We have the *very* best friends. A casserole the week I hurt my foot. Soup earlier this week, a phone… Continue reading »


It seems so long since I’ve updated this site. Dial-up is another world when you are used to high-speed internet…. Continue reading »

January 10, 2011

Winter has visited our home again! As we visited with our church family yesterday, ice literally began to fall from… Continue reading »

January 3, 2011 (Still catching up blog posts!)

Life here continues on…. it seems that daily something new and exciting happens. I was talking with Paul last night… Continue reading »

Jessica’s 13th Birthday

It’s still hard to believe that Jessica has turned 13. For many years, I wasn’t sure this young lady would… Continue reading »