This Week’s Sewing Project

Tracy / February 24, 2015

We realized during our recent flu outbreak we were short some rice socks.  All the girls and I worked together to restock our supply and make some for gifts! This is an old, old, old tutorial for making a simple rice sock.

Current Projects

Tracy / February 9, 2015

Remember the “use what you have” theme we started this year? We have an abundance of yarn we’ve been trying to use for various projects. The first was a scarf for me. I’ve needed one for years but just never wanted to spend the money to buy one so I got to work and ended up with this: I’m so…

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Baby Gifts

Tracy / January 25, 2015

We finished a couple of baby gifts last week. Baby blankets and burpies are our “go to” gifts for new moms. We had already Zeke’s mommy her blanket and burpie set but wanted to add a personalized burpie for him. The second set is for a new mommy-to-be. We attended her baby shower last Sunday. She is a precious young…

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Mama’s Memory Wreath

Tracy / January 8, 2015

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this other than that I’ve been missing my mom lately. This is a wreath that hangs in my hall just outside of my bedroom. I’ve made memory wreaths for people in the past- this one was so hard for me. When I’ve been asked to make them before, I usually will visit a grave…

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embroidery project

Tracy / September 17, 2013

We managed to finish a sewing project today for a family friend. I’ve been looking forward to making this little baby gift. Obviously, it meant a new little life has been born. It also gave me a GREAT excuse to take time to use the new embroidery machine we purchased more than a month ago. So, here are the results:…

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Finished Sewing Projects

If you could see the sewing “to-do” list I’m working from, you would gasp! I was telling a dear friend a couple of days ago, maybe it’s a problem stemming from having babies almost 20 years apart….but, I can’t find some of my “basics” I usually like to have on hand. Things like baby gowns and changing pads. This shouldn’t…

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A Couple of Sewing Projects…

I’ve finally started a few sewing projects for the new little person: –Baby slips that will eventually have matching little dresses! These are two different sizes, in pink and blue. Each one has embroidered flowers across the front. Fabric for a friend’s expected little one. We have enough for a generous sized blanket and burp cloth. Fabric for our expected…

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July 20, 2010

Only SEVEN days until my birthday!!! *smile* I’m not sure why that is so exciting. We really don’t have anything big planned, but, it’s my birthday, and birthdays are just fun. : ) Well, we’ve been sewing! I’m so glad….for some reason, pulling out the sewing machine and playing with fabric just makes this new house feel even more like…

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