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This Week’s Sewing Project

We realized during our recent flu outbreak we were short some rice socks.  All the girls and I worked together… Continue reading »

Current Projects

Remember the “use what you have” theme we started this year? We have an abundance of yarn we’ve been trying… Continue reading »

Baby Gifts

We finished a couple of baby gifts last week. Baby blankets and burpies are our “go to” gifts for new… Continue reading »

Mama’s Memory Wreath

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this other than that I’ve been missing my mom lately. This is a wreath… Continue reading »

embroidery project

We managed to finish a sewing project today for a family friend. I’ve been looking forward to making this little… Continue reading »

Finished Sewing Projects

If you could see the sewing “to-do” list I’m working from, you would gasp! I was telling a dear friend… Continue reading »

A Couple of Sewing Projects…

I’ve finally started a few sewing projects for the new little person: –Baby slips that will eventually have matching little… Continue reading »

July 20, 2010

Only SEVEN days until my birthday!!! *smile* I’m not sure why that is so exciting. We really don’t have anything… Continue reading »