Pregnancy Update- Week 5

Tracy / August 28, 2015

My pregnancy update- week 5….this is technically week 6, but who’s counting. (…and I’m posting in week 9!) So, what’s happening in my world? Well, morning sickness has hit hard. Sunday was the first time. I was at church when hit began to become really awful. I just wanted to lay down in a floor some place and try to…

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Preparing for Pregnancy and Babies

An “experienced” mom. That is what I am these days! I don’t feel old enough to be “experienced”, but these lines on my face, this gray hair and all the photos lined up across my living room wall tell stories of days and months and years. Times that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve learned a little bit along the…

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Jackson and Papa

Tracy / September 30, 2012

Paul may get a little tired of me snapping pictures…. He can have the baby asleep in almost seconds…he’s got the magic touch!

Jackson is Sleeping!! Woohoo!!! (Baby Schedule)

Tracy / September 28, 2012

SIX straight hours!! That is how many hours our little one slept last night. Ahhhh….sweet sleep! I truly believe I am a better person if I can just have a little sleep at night. Well, maybe more than a little. A little is pretty much all I’ve been getting this last several weeks. This little guy has had an attraction…

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Incredibly Blessed

Tracy / August 24, 2012

There are just no other words. We’re at home. Everyone is settling into our normal routine. We have a sweet, squishy, little boy hanging around. He has a line of folks always waiting to hold him and kiss him. Have I mentioned how wonderful he smells?? ….and his fuzzy little head just calls for me to sit and rub it…

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Baby Update- 35 Weeks….

I actually have a little time this morning. (This is VERY UNUSUAL! I think the children know I’m struggling a bit with morning sickness and giving me some time. They are always very considerate of these things.) Most of the children are cleaning up breakfast dishes and preparing for the day. I hear some out feeding the dog and chickens,…

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Knee Socks to Tights

Tracy / October 27, 2011

The weather is turning cooler. We’ve been unpacking jackets and preparing for the winter. I realized last week we needed to buy stockings for our little girls. These cold days can be harsh on a little girl wearing dresses to church. I have seen several tutorials around the internet for making “baby legs”…basically, leg-warmers for littles. I thought this would…

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Baby Schedules and Organization….

Tracy / September 27, 2011

One of the biggest reasons I have always loved blogging are the helpful tips I’m always finding on the internet. Women share some of the best ideas and tutorials….I think they help me be a better mom and wife in my own home. I’m always finding an idea, or the how-to’s for a project I know would be a good…

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My Glowing Baby

These are pictures of the baby from last week. Thankfully, she’s more pink than orange this week and seems to be doing great!!

Baby Supplies…

I’m still re-posting articles from the old site. This morning, I ran across the tutorial for the matching blanket/burp cloth sets I’ve been making recently. These are an easy and inexpensive gift, but are great since they can not only be used for an expected baby, but will stand up well to wear– meaning they can also be used for…

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April 7, 2011

What a full day! I’m so thankful to the Lord for days when we feel like we’ve accomplished our goals. More importantly, I’m thankful when we feel like we’ve accomplished HIS goals. I hope we have- I think He continually shows me places where I need to focus. It has been an absolutely beautiful day at our home. We’re expecting…

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