Happy 26th Anniversary

My, how I love this man. April 4, 2017 marked our 26th year of marriage. I met him when I was just 14 and to this day, he remains my best friend. This year, Paul took me to dinner at a nice place in Hoover and then we went up to Vulcan. It was absolutely beautiful and I could have…

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Texas 2015 (Part 2- San Antonio)

San Antonio is an absolutely beautiful city. I was privileged to spend time there as a teenager for a high school speech competition and I’ve been there twice with Paul. We were on the road early from Houston toward San Antonio. Paul had decided he wanted to eat lunch at The Canyon Café. It is located not far from town…

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Sunday Morning

Tracy / October 11, 2012

Paul has always said, “the person who wrote “Easy Like Sunday Morning”, did not have children to dress for church!”. A week ago Sunday, we were having one of THOSE days. You know the one where you start with the best of intentions and everything seems to go backwards from the moment your eyes open. To be honest, Saturday night,…

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For My Children….

Tracy / February 7, 2012

I loved this post by Kelly Crawford over at Generation Cedar. “A Letter to My Children About Marriage”, is really a letter to us all…. I’m planning to print this out for my own children. If you are married, planning to be married, or know someone married, this is a MUST READ. Our society is too caught up in the…

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My Heart….

Tracy / October 13, 2011

A quickie craft project…. I can’t remember where exactly I came across this idea, probably Pinterest. I do so adore this man…..

Clothesline, Day 2

This is my clothesline, closed. To be making such an impact on my home keeping in general, it really isn’t that big. With that said, when we are on the land that we plan on having for the rest of our lives, I would like to have iron T-bars ran, stretching the span of a good distance so that I…

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Just Say No!

We’re pretty good around here today. We always have something going on. Today we’ve been sealing seams in our new hall flooring. We chose composite vinyl tile. I thought that it might look too “industrial” for a home but I’m really pleased so far. It’s been very inexpensive, very easy to install and seems to really be withstanding the floor…

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Do You Love Him?

I love my family. I’m so thankful for the little smiles that come and pile into my bed in the morning just to get a quick hug and kiss! This morning I was looking at my baby daughter, Emma, thinking how blessed I am to have her….just like the rest….I’m so thankful to God that He let me borrow her,…

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The Two Become One

Tracy / February 16, 2006

Today we are battling some little cold “thing”. I hate for my family to be sick! Some would think of me as a germ fanatic but I’m just a mama who can’t stand to see my little ones feeling under the weather. We’ve actually been very fortunate to have not had any illnesses this year until now. My praise today…

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