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Happy 26th Anniversary

My, how I love this man. April 4, 2017 marked our 26th year of marriage. I met him when I… Continue reading »

Texas 2015 (Part 2- San Antonio)

San Antonio is an absolutely beautiful city. I was privileged to spend time there as a teenager for a high… Continue reading »

Sunday Morning

Paul has always said, “the person who wrote “Easy Like Sunday Morning”, did not have children to dress for church!”…. Continue reading »

For My Children….

I loved this post by Kelly Crawford over at Generation Cedar. “A Letter to My Children About Marriage”, is really… Continue reading »

My Heart….

A quickie craft project…. I can’t remember where exactly I came across this idea, probably Pinterest. I do so adore… Continue reading »

Clothesline, Day 2

This is my clothesline, closed. To be making such an impact on my home keeping in general, it really isn’t… Continue reading »

Just Say No!

We’re pretty good around here today. We always have something going on. Today we’ve been sealing seams in our new… Continue reading »

Do You Love Him?

I love my family. I’m so thankful for the little smiles that come and pile into my bed in the… Continue reading »

The Two Become One

Today we are battling some little cold “thing”. I hate for my family to be sick! Some would think of… Continue reading »