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Lines From The Vine -

A Day at the Ball Park …and Memory Making!

Woah! I had no idea when I woke up this morning, we would have such a day of adventure and… Continue reading »

4H Animal Science Quiz Bowl/Skill-A-Thon 2016

It has been MONTHS since I’ve had time to do much blogging. Paul’s new job position, the holidays, baby preparations,… Continue reading »

Benjamin’s Hand

He’s got the biggest smile ever for someone who broke a bone. This week’s update from our orthopedic doctor was… Continue reading »


Cooking With the Boys

Homeschooling isn’t all about books and essays. Most of the time, the best teaching happens as you go on, about… Continue reading »

Glow Bath

Tonight’s fun….glow bath– we like to shake things up just a little from time to time. *smile* So, the ingredients… Continue reading »

Tadpoles and Homeschooling

Tadpoles and homeschooing make sweet memories on a spring afternoon. Ben brought me his latest “find” in the backyard. He… Continue reading »

Punishment? Hmmm…

So one child was found to have taken a piece of gum from his brother’s drawer without asking. I thought… Continue reading »

Clothesline, Day 1

This is a picture of my laundry line. I had been asked by someone if I could post a picture…. Continue reading »


Sunflowers! I can’t believe that they have sprouted so quickly but here they are! They look like they are going… Continue reading »

Leaving a Legacy

Moving day is almost here! Paul is still working on the final drafts of my permanent blog home. It’s looking… Continue reading »