Happy 8th Birthday, Meredith…

Meredith's 8th Birthday- LinesFromTheVine.com

Sweet girl! I can’t believe she is 8 years old already. She is beautiful little girl who just seems to look a little taller every single day she wakes up.   She and Darby are the best of friends. She loves to help with the babies in our home. She helps with caring for our home.   She loves to…

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Exodus 20

Tracy / November 23, 2016

Exodus 20 is our latest scripture memory passages. A number of months back, our pastor was teaching through this section. Each week, someone would volunteer to recite this section of scripture. My older children knew The 10 Commandments. Some of my middle kiddos had to work a bit on it and my littles were learning just from listening to the…

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Happy 6th Birthday!

Time passes so quickly. It seems like yesterday we were welcoming this baby girl and now she is turning six. It’s just unbelievable. Here are some quick pics from her birthday: …that was the best bicycle hat EVER. I’m praying the Lord will bless her in big ways this year. May she have a good year and grow healthy and…

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Meredith Grace

My golden-headed girl with curls. Her hair takes on a life of it’s own…. I think it’s quite possible to predict the weather by her curls. 😀 Paul has always had curls. I wonder if his mother must have thought it was beautiful when he was little…I am absolutely in love with her hair!

Meredith and Mornings

Tracy / September 28, 2012

Meredith watching the sun out the window just after six this morning…. My sweet girl.

POTD- April 27, 2012

“Smoochie” asked for me to paint her nails today. 🙂 Little girls are such fun!

More Ornament Making

Tracy / December 28, 2011

A baby’s first few Christmas seasons is so very special. I’ve been trying to make our littles hand print ornaments each year. Now, when they pull out their ornaments, they hold up their little hands to see how they’ve grown. It makes me smile, and I think of the adults they will someday be, holding their hand up to these…

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Meredith Grace

Tracy / December 11, 2011

…in her new snowman shirt…… isn’t it funny, the most simple of things can make a little one feel SO SPECIAL. I pray the Lord would allow me to always see ways to minister to my children. I hope they grow knowing that Paul and I loved them so very much. I want them to think back to special times…

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Glow Bath

Tracy / October 4, 2011

Tonight’s fun….glow bath– we like to shake things up just a little from time to time. *smile* So, the ingredients for this night of fun…..a bathtub, a handful of glow sticks from the dollar store and a bunch of littles: This little person didn’t want to come out of the tub!