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Illness and Accident

We are ‘counting it all joy’ this week, in our home. After a long bout of illness in late January,… Continue reading »

CAP Encampment

Don’t mind me this week, I’ll just stay here in this corner and pout for just a while. I may… Continue reading »

Jacob’s First Flight

New to us this year, was Jacob joining Civil Air Patrol. This past Saturday found us meeting a flight instructor… Continue reading »

My Boys

Paul and I try weekly, to take some of our children to town with us. We run errands and do… Continue reading »

Jacob’s New Project

New Sparkle Shoes- Thrifted Finds

Many of you know Emma has had a long-time love for those Wizard of Oz red sparkle shoes. We found… Continue reading »

Baby Update- 35 Weeks….

I actually have a little time this morning. (This is VERY UNUSUAL! I think the children know I’m struggling a… Continue reading »

Still Working ….

We are still working to clean our backyard from last year’s storms. Our damage was limited to the trees in… Continue reading »


Paul has now finished his degree. He’s still waiting to graduate, but now, we’re ordering graduation announcements and enjoying the… Continue reading »

Ironing Board Holder

Jacob’s newest project! I love to watch my children developing new skills. It’s amazing what they can do when given… Continue reading »

Jacob’s Birthday

After years of being told how horrible it was going to be to have teens in our home, Paul and… Continue reading »

October 13, 2011

I’m glad to be on to a new day. Jacob, is feeling much better today. He ended up with 8… Continue reading »