Baby Update- 35 Weeks….

I actually have a little time this morning. (This is VERY UNUSUAL! I think the children know I’m struggling a bit with morning sickness and giving me some time. They are always very considerate of these things.)

Most of the children are cleaning up breakfast dishes and preparing for the day. I hear some out feeding the dog and chickens, and I can hear Jacob practicing “Ode to Joy” on his violin- this is his latest song. His teacher introduced it during his last lesson. I’m amazed he already has it figured out enough to play from beginning to end. He and Courtney are trying to plan a piano/violin duo with this song. Music is a wonderful way to start a day. 🙂

A quick baby update this morning.

I had a great visit with my OB this week. Everything seems “picture perfect” and right on schedule.

I do think this has been BY FAR, my easiest pregnancy. I’ve not really done anything a whole lot different from my others, though I have been very faithfully taking my prenatal vitamins, and drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea. I keep a pitcher in the fridge and alternate between it and water during the day.

I’m thankful for having felt so good (even with the recent extreme heat we’ve had). The Lord has been good to me!

Dear Timothy was born during this week of my pregnancy, 10 years ago. He was my earliest baby. I had no sign that anything was happening. My water ruptured, and I STILL had to be induced. *sigh*

Even so, this has been a good reminder to get my act together.

SOOOO, this week, we have the cradle down (I still need to work on baby’s bedding).

I have p.j.’s and socks for the hospital…that means that my bag is only a few items from being completely packed!

I’ve finished some sewing projects for my new baby boy:

My Mom made this little hat!

I still need to:

  • finish the baby bedding (mentioned before)

  • work on the quiver for our hospital door (we’re thinking we’re going to use the one I made from suede for Jon’s birth and add the additional arrows)
  • finish the “extras” I want to add to the diaper bag I finished last week

  • wash the baby clothes and sort them into their appropriate boxes
  • make (or at least start), his baby quilt
  • make bibs (I was really spoiled with great bibs a friend made for me when Darby was born. I would LOVE to make some for this little guy)

I’m sure there are lots of other things, but that is all I can think of at this moment.

Please continue to keep our family, and especially this little one, in your prayers! It’s probably the heat, but I’m contracting quite a bit this morning. Such is life right now. 😀

With love,

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