Matthew’s 13th Birthday…..

We are in the middle of a birthday season in our home.

Matthew turned 13 almost a month ago.

Matthew turned 13 almost a month ago.

Whew! I had to read that one again.

Where in the world has time gone?! I think I ask that question a whole lot.

Each day is full, with it’s own little adventures. Time seems to pass by so quickly. It makes my head spin!

Matthew is our 5th child to enter his teen years. I’m blessed to say these teen years have been NOTHING like we were warned they would be so many years ago. In fact, we’ve found our children to be delightful during these years. We saw much more of their personalities shine. They were helpful and loving.

I’m proud of my teens, (and my no longer a teen!).

Anyway, these are some quick pictures of Matthew’s birthday and cake. We’re playing with fondant around here. This cake took us most of the day, but was fun to make!

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