Jacob’s Birthday

Tracy / October 18, 2011

After years of being told how horrible it was going to be to have teens in our home, Paul and I have been pleasantly surprised with all four of our oldest children.

They are a blessing to our entire family- and I actually look forward to those teen years now! Imagine that!!

It’s the years between toddler and teen that are hard work, (at least in my opinion!).

Mr. Jacob, is 16 now!

His birthday has marked a time when we saw big changes in the lives of his older siblings. They became a little more serious about who they would become, and began to think more about their adult lives.

He’s had a rough week so we pampered him a bit more than usual!

Courtney brought him home his own bottle of SoBe (Yum!):

We opened gifts, and ate cake….this was a recent, very timely thrift store find:

he even ended up with his own, PERSONAL bottle of Texas Pete (his favorite!):

Hope you had a *perfect* birthday, Mr. Jacob! We all love you…you make our world happy!! XXXOOO

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