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4H Animal Science Quiz Bowl/Skill-A-Thon 2016

It has been MONTHS since I’ve had time to do much blogging. Paul’s new job position, the holidays, baby preparations,… Continue reading »

And She’s Finished

Amazing, isn’t it, how different children can be? Two summers ago, Paul was traveling for nearly two months (and Josh… Continue reading »

Still Alive

Well, so much for that idea! My day took a quick turn after I posted my first blog. Big surprise…. Continue reading »

Mommy Skills….

Emma is learning. She doesn’t know it just yet, but these years are forming her heart and her mind for… Continue reading »

Sweet Sisters

New Sparkle Shoes- Thrifted Finds

Many of you know Emma has had a long-time love for those Wizard of Oz red sparkle shoes. We found… Continue reading »

Jon, Emma, and the Culture of Littles

Jonathan got sick at church last Sunday. I mean, REALLY sick. I think it was a combination of he just… Continue reading »

Emma, age six

I pray she is always full of joy, always lifting her face to the Lord and walking with Him…. Psalm… Continue reading »

Emma and Mama….

POTD- April 25, 2012

…..and she lost the 2nd front tooth:

Emma, age 6

January 23, 2012

As dinner is simmering on the stove, I thought I would drop in to say hello. So, how is everyone??… Continue reading »