May 23, 2019

Well, this week flew on past.

Monday was my weekly Lyme treatment. Those are pretty quick each week. One more treatment and I can go to every other week.

I’m honestly a little nervous about the appointment with the hematologist a week from now to begin the process of figuring out how to deal with chronic anemia. The paperwork started coming in this week.

I will go for my weekly treatment and later that afternoon, see the hematologist and have an iron infusion at the cancer center.

Everyone is telling me I will feel better than I’ve probably felt in years.  I would be happy if I just didn’t feel like I was going to fall asleep during the day!

I feel like I’ve seen more doctors this year than in my entire life, but I’m so thankful to be feeling some better. My doctor told me until they get my iron levels up, there is really nothing more she can do to help me. At the moment, the cells in my body aren’t getting oxygen so it is important that is fixed pretty quickly and find out why it is

This rash is new. I guess I will be asking about that when I see my primary doctor.

After my appointment, Paul and I went to see my grandmother.  She was not having a good day.  We stayed with her for a couple of hours.

On a positive note, she was in a wheelchair. It is the first time I’ve seen her up in a couple of years! Her patient representative told me she has also been going back to the dining room. Those were both *very* good things.

I enjoy my time with her. Life is really so short. I’m glad I have every single minute I can, to spend with her.


Tuesday were our 6 month dental cleanings.

I love our pediatric dentist! When I was a child, I feared going to the dentist. It was always so painful, and not at all child-friendly. I can remember the building, and the room where I had dental work, after I swallowed half of one of my teeth, in a terrible bicycle accident. *Not* a fun memory.

Thankfully, dentistry has changed so much over the years.

My mom always took me for ice cream after each visit. I had a scoop of Peanut Butter and Chocolate and a scoop of Pralines and Cream. To this day, this is my favorite combination of ice cream. Mama always knew just how to make me feel better. <3

Anyway, my children never feel that way. They adore going to see the dentist.

This visit, there were no cavities. He did suggest we have Emma in to see an orthodontist. Darby is being evaluated for a dental appliance to correct an issue with her jaw that will hopefully prevent future issues.

Aside from that, we had a perfect visit!

On our way home, Paul took us by to see what is known in our area as “Todd”- Vulcan’s nephew. 🙂 Then we dropped Paul by the airport.  He was working out of town all week.


Wednesday, we had a pretty quiet day.  I took Tim to practice driving.  We also had a family fellowship at church, with bounce houses. That was lots of fun!

I did also manage to fit in what has become a yearly ritual with my children:

As a little girl, I spent some summer days helping my grandmother split and re-pot her plants. She always had the most amazing plants.

Each summer, as they would become root-bound, she would spend time dividing and re-potting them. Even before dementia, I’m sure she would never have dreamed what a special memory this was for me, and I probably took it for granted when I was younger. I’m older now, and I know how short life is- there is something about this ritual each year with her, that holds such a special place in my heart.

I didn’t ask my younger children to help, but they jumped right in! I told them stories of working on plants with my grandmother. They asked questions. We looked at the root development of our plants. We got our hands really dirty, and it was ALL good. 🙂

This plant was given to us when Paul’s precious mama passed away. It is a living, growing heirloom that is more than 20 years old.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve split this plant and given it to others.I know Courtney and Kylie both have plants started from this one. In my mind, it allows me to hold on to a part of her. I miss her so much some days. She was one of the smartest and most generous women I have ever met.

I love these family rituals. They aren’t rushed. It’s just a peaceful, slow rhythm of life passing from one generation to the next.
They look happier, don’t you think?

I wonder if my children will remember potting plants with me? I sure hope so. These moments with them are sure special to my heart.


I received sad news from one of my dearest friends. She wrote to tell me she was going to be admitted to a hospice facility. That was news I just didn’t want to read. (I’m late posting this blog. If you have been following, you know she did pass. Please be praying for her family. Please pray for me.)

I have requested prayer for her so many times. My heart hurts to think that I will have to live on this earth without her soon, but I know the Lord is going to welcome her, and there will be no more suffering. I’m praying for her and her family, and I’m praying the Lord will strengthen me for the days ahead.

I’m so thankful I had an opportunity to go and see her in Kansas a few weeks back. I think the Lord knew we needed that time together.  I was able to hug her and hold her hand. We cried and we laughed together.

That is always going to be a memory I hold close.

She has been there for me so many times- when I was a newlywed and just learning what it meant to be a wife, as my babies have been born, when my mom passed and the days after when she would come to sit and rock my babies.  When Jon broke his arm and needed surgery and Paul was in Phoenix for the week she came and sat at the hospital with Matthew and I. I could go on and on.

She has been a good friend. She was never just one of those people who would say “I’ll pray for you”, she was the friend who prayed and SHOWED UP. That is everything.

I pray I can learn from her example.

I love her, and I’m going to miss her so, so much.

Something was going on across the street from our home tonight. There were police going from home to home and an ambulance.  I don’t like it when goofy things are happening and Paul is away, but that seems to be the way it happens.

I’m learning to lean more on the Lord.


Today was grocery day, but I spent my day at a 4H event and the other half preparing for our Bath Bomb Lady/Lambert Estate booth at the Farmer’s Market. Everyone pitched in to pack the car, while I baked the bread we sale at a second table. It was a very full day.

I’m so proud of Emma! She would have had a great reason to back out of this event. It’s pretty hard to bake, mix, and move bread in an out of pans when your dominant arm is broken. She was pretty set on moving forward so she and Jon both competed in our regional 4H competitive events day.

They both did so great and have beautiful new ribbons to display on the wall.

I am one proud mama. 

I do know I need to organize things so we aren’t running on the Friday before a market. Baking the bread is pretty easy on its own, but if you add packing and all the preparing, plus outside events, it can become overwhelming pretty quick!


Saturday was so hot, but we had a great time at the farmer’s market and did pretty great with our sales!

I saw several people I know from neighboring communities- people from a meeting I used to attend, our blueberry man, the young man who works at our local Dollar General, and more!

Courtney came and brought her little one. Between sales, I got to play with him, which was fun. Daniel joined us a bit later in the morning.

It’s funny how your heart just continues to grow and grow. I thought I could not possibly have room to love anyone like I love my children, and then my grand babies came along. How sweet they all are- I’m a very blessed grandmama.

Saturday afternoon when we were home, I sat for a bit to cool off while I made my grocery list.

Emma, Jackson and I headed out to get some of our grocery shopping done.

When we were in Costco, Sheryl’s daughter phoned and asked if I might want to speak with her mother. She said she would like to talk to me to say good-bye. She sounds so tired, and she is ready to be with the Lord.  I feel so selfish to want to hold on so much.

I feel honored she wanted to talk to me. Emma was able to talk to her, too.  My whole family has loved this woman. She is so special to all of us.

I stood in Costco and wept. And as the Lord always does, He provides.

My 19 year old’s friend stepped right up to me. She was there. She hugged me and we talked. I told her what had just happened.

She has such a sweet spirit. I needed a friend, and the Lord provided her at that exact moment.

I tried to finish my shopping, but just like when my mom was dying, just like when my mother in law had just passed, it just seemed so wrong to see all the people just going about their normal business. I wanted to finish my shopping and go home.

After trying for several minutes, I just decided to purchase what I already had in my cart and leave. My mind just wouldn’t be quiet.


I just couldn’t bring myself to attend church this morning. I rarely miss church. We have to be really sick if we stay out.

This morning, I just couldn’t. I’m not sure if it is my iron levels, or just the sadness of all that has happened in the last several years, but it weighs so heavy on me right now and I’m just tired.

I actually slept 11 hours last night. I never do that.

I had two very distinct dreams about people that are special to me- I hope I don’t forget those. There was such peace, and I woke up with the Lord really speaking to my heart. Like a little boat pushed out into a lake, I’m casting those cares upon Him. He cares for me.

Matthew and his friend came to visit this morning. Owen adores her.

She is so gentle and is always teaching him something when she is here. He loves her. The last time she was here, he was taking her cookies and asking if he could make her a drink. She has made a friend. <3

Daniel, Courtney and their little fella stopped by this afternoon.

(I love the way this man loves our grand- babies! I love the way he holds them and the way he talks to them. I love to hear him pray for each one by name every night.)

I could get lost in these grand-babies. I feel so blessed to look into their little faces. They are all so perfect.

I always stay laughing when Courtney and Daniel come to visit. They are so light-hearted and happy together. It’s just fun to watch. The Lord has done something special with them!

My church ladies group met in the afternoon. I love all of these ladies. I’m thankful for this group and the friendships forged. This will be our last official meeting until after summer. I’m going to miss the time with all of them.

When I arrived home, Tim drove me to finish buying our groceries.

I think he will have his license soon. He seems to be doing well and gaining confidence!

It’s bitter sweet. I know he wants to be out driving. I know he is getting older. Both of those mean he won’t be in our house much longer. I‘m going to miss him, just like I have missed the others.

It is fun to see them in their adult lives, but I do miss knowing how they spend their days and hearing all their adventures. Those days come to an end faster than we realize they will.  I miss all of them.

It absolutely makes my day when they just drop by to say hello. I would move my entire world around just to talk to them for a while.


Emma will have a waterproof cast on soon. For now, I sure do enjoy that I get to wash her hair. 😀

I placed a new cross and flowers I had made, and a little hummingbird, on my mama’s grave this week. I hope one day she tells me I was a faithful daughter. I miss her so much. Some days, I would love to just pour out all the things that go on in my life to her. I know she would love Toby and Owen so much. I hate that she didn’t get to hold them, but I know God’s plan is perfect.

A quote I loved. This is an important thing to remember as you live your daily life! (It is an important thing for ME to remember as I live my daily life!)

I’m working to refinish a table a friend gave to us several months ago. What a blessing it will be to this woman, not to have folding tables in our library! (I’m always amazed that God not only gives us what we need, but so often, also the desires of our heart.)

This boy makes me laugh! It is almost like he KNOWS when I leave a bottle of water or a glass sitting in a room. He even had Jon holding it for him!

This Week I’m So Thankful For:

This last conversation with my friend, Sheryl. May the Lord bless her and I know He will keep her. I pray He will relieve her suffering. I pray her family will be comforted with an overwhelming sense of peace. I’m thankful for her friendship all these years

I’m thankful for my friends. The Lord has been so good to bless me with some amazing ladies.

I’m thankful my husband is coming home tomorrow.   This has been a long, long week without my best friend. I want to hug him. I want to see his shoes in our floor by our bed. I want to hear him working in his office, or praying with our little boys, as he does every night when he’s home.  I have missed him greatly.

Two of my grown children who took time out of their day to stop and visit today. I think they both knew I needed them and I didn’t have to say a word. That is amazing to me.

Prayer Requests

  • Sheryl <3 (Sheryl’s family.)
  • My doctor appointments on Tuesday
  • I am off to bed. I’ve been up way too long tonight. My brain just doesn’t want to turn off.

I have to sit up to the middle of the night to post these happenings in my life. I’m so thankful Paul encouraged me to start blogging again.

When I think back over my weeks, I realize how very blessed I am. I have countless reasons to be thankful. God is so good.

My love to each of you,

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