We’re Off to Tennessee!

Last week, found us in Tennessee!

Paul had a work event planned for Blountsville. That is quite a drive! So close in fact, that we found ourselves accidentally crossing over into Virginia at one time.

I’m always thankful for the quiet time during the day while he works. This time, I worked on some book reviews I needed to finish. I also worked a little on some home projects that I needed to think through. Overall, I think it was productive, even while I was away from home.

I love this part of Tennessee.

The mountains are beautiful, *especially* this time of year. There are wildflowers all over the place.

Paul and I enjoyed dinner out on one of the evenings after he worked.

On Sunday, we took our time coming home.

We decided to take in some sights along the trip.

First, the Dolly Parton statue in Sevierville.

Second, the Apple Barn.

Both were fun, and the those fried apple pies- they were YUMMY!!!

As we left, Paul decided to take us on a drive through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg where we honeymooned so many years ago.

I haven’t been there in about 20 years. I was shocked!

If you are going for attractions and shows, you would love the trip.

If you are going to see the mountains and take in nature, you might be looking for a while. It’s almost like they have looked for every little open spot to stick something.

It was PACKED. We could barely drive down the street!

When we were honeymooning, there were places here and there, but we stayed in a hotel on the main road in Gatlinburg and enjoyed quiet and the peace of the little stream that flowed along the base of the balcony at our hotel.

That stream is still there, but everything around it is so grown up, it was not in the least relaxing to me. In fact, it felt a little like mental clutter.

That was sad, but all things change.

We did go home through Atlanta and I had my first visit to IKEA. That place is just amazing! I see more trips in my future!

I am thankful for the much-needed time with my husband. Making marriage work when you have a traveling spouse definitely requires extra effort.

I am thankful Paul and I are on this journey of life together.

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