Tracy / November 21, 2013

There are many things on my mind tonight. I don’t have a lot of time for a big update, but there are some things I wanted to share.

First, the Lord has answered a HUGE prayer for Paul and I this week. We have had a lingering stressful situation that the Lord resolved in the most unexpected way.

I have tried not to worry but I’ll admit, it’s been hard. In this season of grief, it has made a horrible season of life so much worse. In my mind, I was thinking it would end up being a long, hard road to resolution. As it worked out, the Lord just tied it all up neatly. He is like that….He does care about even the smallest of details in our lives. I’m so thankful. Last night was the first time I’ve slept so well in a very long time.

Second, the Lord continues to bless our family and the renovation work being done here. As it turns out, our contractor is not big on heights. Being that it’s time to side the back of our home and it’s very high from the ground, he made Paul a deal we just couldn’t refuse. Basically, if we allow him to build our back deck, he’ll charge us a tiny amount of labor plus the supplies.

This deck is going to be about 12×50 feet across the back of our home. It will end up costing less than the tiny deck we had in our last home. Our contractor felt like it would make for a more comfortable work experience for him to add siding.

Well, ok.

This entire year the Lord has allowed us to have the needed repairs done, plus the addition of things we thought it would take us years to budget.

I know when it’s all done, we’ll sit back and be so glad it’s finished.

For now, it’s a big mess.

This morning, I couldn’t find my hairbrush, much less think about the fact that this time next week I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner for our family and a handful of guests!

Should be interesting!

Third, Jacob had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

I’m not going to say it was easy…and he is rather swollen tonight, BUT he did great!

He only needed one dose of his prescription pain meds. He’s been on Motrin since yesterday.

Today, he’s been helping with our renovation work.

Please be praying for him in the coming weeks as he is healing.

Fourth, we had an awesome praise today. In fact, I’m still having to tell myself the whole thing is real!

We were told many years ago Jessa had a second row of permanent teeth that would need to be removed.

About three or four years ago, we took her to the oral surgeon to have him evaluate her mouth and tell us when we would need to schedule the surgery.

He wanted us to wait until she was grown and her first set of permanent teeth had come in completely then he would remove the second set. (He, by the way, had taken his own x-rays and could see the problem teeth.)

Earlier this week she went for dental work. The dentist ended up doing the big panoramic x-ray. There were NO second teeth!! I’m still not sure what happened but they were there and now they are not!

The Lord is good!!!

I’ll try and post some updated home pictures in the next couple of days!

Until then, I’m wishing you well this week!

With love,


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