2014 Parade Float

Small town Christmas parades are the *best*.

Last year, I mentioned wanting to build a family float. I wasn’t sure at that time how elaborate I wanted to build, I just wanted everyone to work together. I wanted to meet new friends in our community. I wanted to build memories and have fun.

My family has all helped in one way or another. They’ve pitched in Santa hats. They cut, colored and painted. They have helped breathe life into a project I had in my head last year. (They may be just a little tired of paper machè).

2014 Christmas Socks

Woot! It’s that time of year again!!

This year, we added Kylie to our yearly tradition of new Christmas socks for the Lambert ladies. I always gift them right before we make our trip to Christmas Village.

It was an especially sweet evening with our newest addition to the family:

The Snoopy socks are MINE!!! :D I’ve been wearing them all over the place under my long skirt. They make me feel happy!!!

I Love This Man

He thinks the best of me.
He works hard for our family.
He is faithful in every way.
He has been a listening ear and had an understanding heart.
His big hands have held each and every one of our babies and loved them as a Daddy should love his little ones.
His smile lights up my world.

He is my very best friend.

It’s Been Said…

“Flops are part of life’s menu and I’m never a girl to miss out on a course.”

                                                                 —–Rosalind Russell


These are days when I love homeschooling.

Don’t think for a minute they are all like this, but there are those when the days stretch out and seem so perfect.

We’re enjoying fall. These photos were snapped on the afternoon of the recent solar eclipse.

The cooler afternoons have made it difficult to want to be inside, *at all*.

I could have stayed in this very place with my babies.

The Lord has been good to me. Things aren’t always easy but how faithful He is to carry me along and bless me in the most immeasurable ways.

Thank you, Lord.


Thanksgiving 2014

I am watching sunrise on an absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving Day.

When I was a little girl, my entire family would gather at my great-grandmother’s house each year.

I would see cousins, aunts and uncles I had not seen in a year.

My great-grandmother would cook for weeks to prepare for everyone to gather at her home.

Her house was cozy and warm. The aroma of food being kept warm would greet you at the door.

She was always off some place still cooking or giving someone hugs. I can still hear her laughing.

Those are sweet memories for me.

This year, we found out (almost last minute), Paul was going to have to be out of town to work. I’m grateful for folks who were willing to change their plans and allow us to move our gathering to Tuesday so Paul could join us. (It’s a good time to remember that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be just one day on a calendar. We should always give thanks.)

On Tuesday, our family sat to give thanks. Joshua and Kylie were here. Paul’s dad, and Kylie’s family came, too.

We laughed. We probably all ate too much. Kylie’s dad fried a turkey. It was delicious!

We laughed and laughed, and it was a wonderful moment to look down the long tables in our back room and see people, *our people*.

On Wednesday morning, Paul leaves for his trip.

Thursday, we land at a the home of some good friends. It all seems like a perfect way to celebrate a time of thanksgiving.

Psalm 118:29

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.”

Today I’m Thankful For (1000 Gifts)

186. I’m thankful for understanding hearts as I apologized to someone I knew I had hurt. I hope the Lord moves me on- grows me-I want to always be pruned of the ugly truth of my heart.

187. I’m thankful for my husband. These days and this season have been long on him and yet he continues to press forward. He is a faithful leader for our family. I love him and am so very thankful for him.

188. I’m thankful for my precious children. Each of them are unique and a wonderful part of our family. The Lord grows me through them. I pray each of them continue to grow happy and strong. I pray the Lord would show me how to be what they need.

189. I’m thankful for my warm home. We have had hundreds and hundreds of people in our home in recent years. I’m thankful for a roof over my head. I’m thankful for our lake that has been beautiful and calming to my spirit. I’m thankful for a warm place to share with those I love most.

190. I’m thankful for sweet friends- new and old. We’ve been blessed this year to have made many new friends and to have shared more life with those who have known us for more than a short time. We were very surprised to have some old friendships rekindled. What a year of blessings we had in this area!