Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Meal Rotation



Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation

This is a quick blog post about Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation for our home.

Lately, I have been getting lots of questions about how I meal plan. Some are the regular questions I get about exactly how we feed 13 folks each day (my 3 older children are grown and in homes of their own). The latest questions are just from moms who are looking for ways to simplify meal plans for their families.

My family may be different from your family. We like variety each week so I don’t plan the same dinner meals over and over but breakfast, lunch and snack meals are pretty much the same every week.

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation-

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation


(In this house, I laminate everything! My laminator is one of the my most used homemaking tools!)

I am always looking for ways to simplify even this menu, but this is the basic outline we follow.  We stay on this rotation each week and rarely deviate. If I’m nursing a baby, am sick, or am just not able to be here when these meals are being made, any of my children from Meredith (age 8) and up can get breakfast on the table.

In the weeks to come, I will link back to this post with our specific recipes.

I can post a .pdf version  of our Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation, if that would help someone.

The following are some quick thoughts about these meals (or you can watch the video, if you would prefer!):


Our baked oatmeal recipe is from my  very dear friend, Sheryl. It is the best we have ever eaten. I do change things up here and there and add fruit or nuts just depending on what we have on hand.

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation -

Food is the language of love!

We also make 3 or 4 pans of this at one time and freeze them to be thawed on Sunday night. (If you don’t remember, just cover it in foil. It will still taste just fine!)

If you stay on a meal rotation like this, remembering to sit freezer meals out at the right time for thawing is as easy as creating a google calendar with reminders. It will ding your phone to remind you!

Cereal for us is actually my sweet friend, Betsy’s granola recipe. I will also add that recipe in the coming weeks. We use it for cereal days with milk and mix it with yogurt.

Eggs on English muffins are made in bulk and frozen on my freezer day. These get individually wrapped in wax paper and frozen in gallon size ziplock bags. This is another ‘set an alarm and pull it out the night before’ meal.

Pancakes/waffles and muffins are pre-made and frozen. Set your alarm to remind you to pull them out the night before.

I buy a ham once a month from Sam’s for these kinds of meals. I can go ahead and chop/slice the meat and add it to individual bags for soups, meals, etc. I then make broth from the bone to use when I can dried beans.

I am dieting. For me, this means I can have overnight oats for breakfast on oatmeal days. I drink a smoothie on granola/cereal days.  I don’t eat the toast with my smoothies. I eat an egg with my sausage instead of a muffin or pancake.


We have lunch with our church pretty much every Sunday.  This meal has become super simple since implementing our meal bags. We take a bag out the night before church and pour it into the crock pot or place in the oven for cooking the next morning while we dress for church.  Easy!

P, B & J sandwiches as well as ham and cheese sandwiches are all pre-made and frozen. We wrap them in fold top sandwich bags and pack them all back into the original bread bags. When my older children  needing a quick meal, or we are running out the door for an unexpected errand, we always have food ready to pack into a cooler. On normal days, this is a meal with NO prep time and NO dishes. My younger children LOVE their p, b, & j sandwiches frozen on in hot days in Alabama.

Soup is pretty much up in the air depending on what we have in the freezer. I’m pretty partial to taco soup because everyone loves it and it can be served over tortilla chips for a change or to spread it out if you have unexpected guests. We also love broccoli and cheese and chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup is absolutely easy when you have broth and roasted chicken on hand. You literally shred the chicken and add some noodles and a few spices. That is it!

We keep hamburger meat pre-browned and seasoned for taco salad in the freezer. The rest is just thrown together from things we have in the pantry and the fridge.

Burritos are all made on the same day , usually from homemade refried beans. We make a ton and freeze them into meal-size portions.

Lunch may  deviate from these plans if we have leftovers from dinner the night before (we often do!).


I do not plan snacks on Sunday. We are gone most of the day. Folks may wander in and out with snacks that afternoon but we try to plan nothing that is labor intensive. It is a rest day.

I’m in the habit of freezing yogurt or coconut water with fruit into snack bags for popsicles. When the children  want to eat them, they just cut of the end and use it as a push pop. The popsicles aren’t necessarily less expensive this way but they are much healthier.

At the moment, this Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation is posted on my fridge.

Wall Calendar for Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation -

This is an inexpensive wall calendar from Staples.

I’ve always used a calendar for Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation,  but had to re-write everything from month to month. We have used this rotation (for the most part), for so long, most here know it by memory now. I thought it was time to change out the calendar for the rotation schedule.

I’m excited to share what we have been doing for dinner for the last several months but that will have to wait for another post.

We have created a system that we have tried and tested. Meal planning and prep has become super-easy, which I need during this season of life!

This blog post is a first in a series I am doing. I have created a system I am calling the “Three Month Master Plan”. It’s powerful. It’s effective. If you are frustrated with your home or with your life, if you just wish you could accomplish more, pop back over for a visit. It will be well worth your time.

So how about you, friends? Do you have a simplified version of planning and creating healthy meals for your family?  Please share.

I love you ladies!

Book Review- My Great Big GOD

My Great Big God-

Today, I am reviewing My Great Big God for Tommy Nelson.

I’m currently in a season of cleaning.

At some point, I will fill in all the little details of life that have been going on, (well, some really BIG changes for our family). For now, I’m continuing to clean out every little thing and try to catch up on life. I’m not even sure where we get all of this stuff! It multiplies!!

One of my areas has been our books. I’ve always loved having lots of books around.

My little ones also love having lots of books. They aren’t so easy on their books and I find myself replacing their board books pretty often.

One of the newest books I’m adding, (thank you, Tommy Nelson!) is “My Great Big GOD” by Andy Holmes.

It is a board book in the perfect size for little hands.

With over 20 engaging stories,  the words and illustrations bring Bible truths to life for little ones.

Each story has correlating Bible verses so you can share these truths with your children straight from the Word.

fish page-

This is a great little book to keep in a diaper bag, a book basket or in your car for times when you are out and get caught waiting.

I’ve written some other book reviews for Tommy Nelson. They have great little books for kiddos that are easy to understand, teach great values, and bring faith to life for little ones.

If you would like to read about some of their other books, try one of these:

Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook

Just For Me Bible

Book Review- Night Night, Train

Night Night Train--

Night Night Train–


I’ve enjoyed our new books from Tommy Nelson this month. The first was My Great Big God and this one, Night Night, Train.

As posted before, I adore adding sweet books to our library for my little folks.

We actually have time set apart each day for them to sit and “read” their books quietly. This week, these books were tucked into our diaper bag and read while we were waiting on my older children to finish with their dental appointments.

They loved the colorful illustrations and sweet rhymes on each page of Night Night, Train. This book is a 20 page padded board book so it’s even safe for my youngest little person to handle on his own.

We loved the little mouse that showed up through the book. It became a game to look for it on each page.

–AND it’s a story about a train. That made it a sure winner for my boys!

My only issue with this book is that this is the first time I’ve brought a book in to review with my family and it disappeared. One of my youngsters loved it so much they have taken it to be their own, lol!

Sheryl’s Baked Oatmeal

We wrap all of these in plastic wrap, cover them with foil and label them before we place them into the freezer.

I’m sharing our favorite baked oatmeal recipe. It was given to us by a very good friend.

There are those friends who have just been there forever.

They may not be part of your life every single day but they are in your heart.

Such is life with my friend, Sheryl.

More than 20 years ago, she was part of my little church.

Paul and I were a young couple in a church full of other couples who had been married much longer. Having come from a divorced family, they were such an encouragement to Paul and I.

She helped plan the baby shower for my oldest son, Joshua.

Like so many of her nursing students, she taught me to quilt. I’m not even exactly sure how many quilts I have made over the years. With each one, I think back to being such a young woman and learning a skill that is still one of my absolute favorite things to do!

Sheryl played piano beautfully! She was a home health nurse, and taught obstetric nursing for years and years. I remember thinking at times there was probably nothing she tried that she could not do.

At some point, most of the families attending that little church migrated over to another church in the area. Paul and I ended up attending there for a while and then moving to a church that was a little closer to our home.

We lost touch for a while but as the Lord so often works, Sheryl happened to be at our local hospital with nursing students for more than half of my babies being born. She had the most delightful nursing students helping with my care. She would stop and chat so often and when she left, well, I just had that feeling I had been with one of my dearest friends and I knew the Lord gave me that time with her.

The days of facebook came along and we found each other online again!

I was thrilled to find out she only lived about 20 minutes from my house. She began to attend our monthly ladies fellowship. She came to see Jonathan when he had surgery. I was so grateful for her sweet face as I greeted people who were in line at my mom’s funeral.

She has been one of my dearest friends. She has moved to be closer to her own family now and she is missed. I still write when I have a question about motherhood or some struggle I seem to be having. She is always an encouragement and prays for me any time I ask. She has some pretty serious struggles of her own right now. Please say a prayer for her.

Sheryl, among all the other things listed above, is also an amazing cook.

I found myself constantly asking her for recipes when she would bring food to our fellowship meeting. Every single dish she made was delicious.

Baked oatmeal is one of the meals she brought to my home. We cook this at least once a week. I do try variations- adding applesauce, taking out some of the oil, adding fruit, adding nuts….it’s very versatile and freezes pretty easily.

Food is the language of love!

We have added this to our regular breakfast rotation. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

5 Weeks of baked oatmeal,  wrapped and going into the freezer!

We wrap all of these in plastic wrap, cover them with foil and label them before we place them into the freezer.

Bath Bomb Lady

Shhh…I have a little secret.

I’m the Bath Bomb Lady. (In my best “I’m Batman” voice. )

Creating something special-

Bath Bombs being wrapped and ready for shipping.















*Smile* So, it’s not so much a secret to the folks who know us in person.

We have gone over the top in pinks and sparkles. We are loving the girly things in life right now. And,  I’ve started this little business. (Well, actually two, but that is a story for another time.)


What in the world is a  Bath Bomb Lady?

About 10-15 years ago, my grandmother started reacting to her shampoo. She complained of her scalp hurting and it was terribly red. I began to research the ingredients in shampoo and soaps. I was just sick.


I played a bit with making my own soap. It was a rich, wonderful process. I was amazed as we mixed ingredients and made our first bars. We aged our soap and used every single bit. It was wonderful. From time to time, I would make more. It was never something I made a lot of time to do in those years. With lots of littles, there was just too much to fill my time.


Shepherd’s Delight (unscented) soap on the curing rack in the soap room.

As the years passed, I met many incredibly talented soap makers.


Each one had their own signature style. So many personalities. Each spilled out into the soap they created. It was beautiful. I wanted to get my hands back into making soap.


So last year, we decided to take the plunge. Paul and I were looking for a way to plug into our community and support the effort to build the local farmer’s market. We decided on some products we could make at home so we could set up a booth of our own.


Each week, we would take our soap, bath bombs and fresh bread (Jessica bakes amazing bread!), to the market. We practically sold out of bread each week. The bath products were a little more difficult to sell, but we did have a steady market for them.

Bath Bomb Lady beginning at Farmer’s Market.

Emma helping to host our first farmer’s market booth.

We also worked several local outdoor markets. Some were a good fit for our products and some were not. I think that experience was the equivalent to a college level business degree, lol.


I continued to research and develop my soaps and bath bombs into products I was proud to sell. I began to hear folks say, “Hey, the bath bomb lady is here this week!”.


It was the birth of a real business.


We use the most fabulous ingredients!

Bath Bomb Lady- Honey and Oatmeal soap

I changed ingredients and tried all sorts of things.


The first real change I made was to add goat milk to all my bath bombs and soap.


If you have never tried goat milk soap, it really is  special. There are so many soothing qualities to   goat milk.  It makes for an incredibly moisturizing  bar of soap. That combined with the natural glycerin that is normally stripped out of  commercial soap leaves your skin smooth and  soft.


Olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are silky, and extraordinary in our bars.


Kombucha is the ingredient that makes us so completely different from almost any other soaps. Full of anti-oxidants and all sorts of good things- it leaves your skin feeling absolutely clean. Once you have tried a kombucha bar, you will realize how so many soaps have left a film on your skin you may not have noticed before.

Rosie Lee Soap


We grow some of the herbs and flowers used in our products right here on the Lambert Estate.


Rosie Lee is in fact named for my Great-grandmother and is created in memory of her love for roses and rose water.


Using our own flowers, petals, herbs …our own home-grown botanicals,  means we can be sure they have not been treated or sprayed with nasty chemicals.

Rosie Lee Roses

Our bath bombs are nothing like you find in most places. They are more refined.


We have created our bombs for women who are looking for something different than what you find in most retail stores. I want women to feel like they have just soaked in a spa experience when they soak in a tub with our bombs.


We make them with rich clay and magnesium salts. They contain coconut oil and shea butter.

Bath Bombs

Cup O’ Joe Foaming Milk Bath Bomb

I want your skin to feel different even days after they have soaked in a tub with one of our bombs.


We have built an entire cottage industry around making women feel as if they have experienced a touch of luxury without leaving their home. We love our customers. It is an incredible feeling to give them something that is going to make them feel good.


Throw in a touch of “bling” and you’ve got the Bath Bomb Lady.


Our current place and where we are headed (the Lord willing…):

So many amazing things have been happening this year.


We are being sold in one store and are just weeks from going into our second. I have had so many ladies requesting one of our “pink packages” that it is pretty common to be delivering a few in person each week for months.

Pink Packages being shipped!

Pink Packages

We are currently working to be carried in some larger retail spaces and are researching the addition of some new lines of bath products in the coming months.


This has been a full-family business adventure. The girls have helped mix and make most all of the products. Jon washes all of our dishes and pulls ingredients. Paul and the older boys have packaged all sorts of girlie products and helped me sell them at every single event.


Paul has invested in our business and allowed us to get off the ground.


Courtney has worked some crazy social media and website magic that has the internet buzzing about our soap and bath bombs. She has become an awesome business partner. Her photographs speak exactly the message I want to share about our products.   (If I might add, it is an INCREDIBLE experience to be working a business alongside your children! They are amazingly talented and have so many fantastic ideas. We would not be where we are now if it weren’t for these bigger folks!)



If you have a chance, hop over and find us on Instagram or FB. If you are feeling really adventurous, jump over to our website and let me know what you think.


May the Lord be pleased with our business and the relationships we have gained these last couple of years. It has been an exciting ride, so far!

Rubber Ducky Soap from Bath Bomb Lady-




Happy 8th Birthday, Meredith…

Sweet girl!

Meredith's 8th Birthday-

I can’t believe she is 8 years old already. She is beautiful little girl who just seems to look a little taller every single day she wakes up.


She and Darby are the best of friends. She loves to help with the babies in our home. She helps with caring for our home.


She loves to have her nails polished and go walking with me in the mornings.


She twirls in skirts (isn’t that just a little girl thing?) and sings as she skips about the house.


She is full of love and joy and well, we pretty much adore her.


Do you remember your 8th year? I do. I remember having a fantastic birthday. I remember my 8th year being so much fun and I look back now knowing it was a year of transition for me. I wasn’t so much a little girl, but was becoming more of a young lady. That is the same thing I see in Meredith.


For those who don’t know, Miss Meredith is named after Mary, my grandmother. Her name also comes from the verse, “a merry heart doth good like medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). I see those words in her each day.


Also, “Grace” comes from the verse that says, “by grace you have been saved through faith” (Ephesians 2:8). I hope I see the Lord’s saving grace in her life as she grows.


She is a sweet, wonderful blessing to my family. I look back at photos of my grandmother as a little girl and Meredith looks so much like her.


Meredith’s birthday requests this year were to go to Build A Bear (seems to be a running theme in our family this year!), a ride with Daddy on the carousel at the mall, a new outfit for church (do you know how hard it is to find cute clothes for girls this age right now?! :P), legos, and an angel emoji cake.


Meredith Grace, how precious you are to your papa and I. The Lord is growing you each and every day. May you be drawn to Him. May He strengthen you and bless you with sweet memories. I pray your 8th year is meaningful to you and that you learn more about Him and the world around you. You are a delightful girl. I love you always, Mama. <3



Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan Patrick is already another year older.

Jon's 10th Birthday

His 9th year has practically flown by.

These 9 year old’s have proven to be quite a challenge for Paul and I.

Terrible 2’s? Not in this house.

Three year old’s tend to be very “active” and require a lot of attention. They are smart enough to get into pretty much everything while they are learning boundaries. The next age is 9. I’m not sure why, (maybe it is just us?), but  9 years is when we start seeing the emergence of some attitude issues. It takes us pretty much that entire year to work the children past that age and then they are great until their older teen years when we have had a bump here and there.

Those 9 year old’s are literally our most difficult age.

We’re happy to report that Jon has survived his 9th year. 😀

Jon had some pretty specific requests for his 9th birthday:

  • Pancakes at IHOP.
  • Lego Ice Cream Cake (that one was a little crazy!)
  • Build a Bear (I don’t think he cared for the routine with the employees. He just wanted to stuff his minion an get out.)
  • A sleeping bag

Simple requests. He’s a simple man. 😀

I really look forward to seeing him grow and learn this year. He is such a sweet boy and he has such a big, big heart.

Jonathan, one day when you read this, I hope you know what a special place you have in my heart. Those big blue eyes melt me into a complete puddle. I watch you help your younger brothers and sisters. I watch you trying new things and learn every day. There is not a day that passes when you don’t ask me if you can help me with something. You have a servant’s heart and it’s beautiful. I love you so much, my young son. I  am proud of you and I pray the Lord will whisper to your heart and lead all of your steps as you start age 10. Happy birthday. Love always, Mama. <3

A Day at the Ball Park …and Memory Making!

Woah! I had no idea when I woke up this morning, we would have such a day of adventure and memory making ahead!

SEC Stadium Shot- Lines From The Vine-

Paul has been working at the ball park in Hoover this week, doing the 2017 SEC Baseball Championship. Benjamin had asked if he could go and see Paul working on the truck so Paul and I scheduled it and off we went this morning.

Inside a remote television truck-Lines From The Vine-

Inside a remote television truck-

Paul gave us an amazing tour of the TV compound.  We went into their dining hall, saw the inside of a “B” unit, and met many of his co-workers who all had so many great things to say about him.

Television Compound - Lines From The Vine-

Sky view of the television compound….

The “ops producer” allowed us to go out past the gates and see the field, sit on the television set and then asked if we wanted to ride the ferris wheel while we were there. (You never know what you are going to get when you visit a tv set!)

On the television set- Lines From The Vine- 0-02-01-eb55a3916910fc4f9f3715484e5aefa15dd3bb254661a1581c50c8f721938572-V[1]

On the television set…

We’re famous! (Well, not really but it was pretty great to sit on the television set.)


On the ferris wheel- Lines From The Vine-

Here I go!

Okay, so I  have this little fear of heights….I almost backed out. I decided to say a quick prayer and make myself go…it was SO much fun! I’ve not been on a ferris wheel since I was a little girl!

Boys getting off ferris wheel- Lines From The Vine-


There's Paul!- Lines From The Vine-

Hi, Pauley!!

Sure, it seemed like a good idea. I was supposed to be back so Courtney could go and tune a local church piano. We had a few minutes until I had to leave to be on time to get the car so Ben and Jon loaded up- they asked me to ride, too.

I did not realize that we were riding so they could film a television spot until I was at the top.



I sent Courtney a text message to tell her I was going to be late…how do you explain you are stuck at the top of a ferris wheel?!

That’s going to make a funny memory for her.

 Lines From The Vine-

Yeah…they had a little fun today!

Everyone on the site had such good things to say about my husband. I know he works hard. I know he’s good at what he does. I’m a blessed woman and what a super day! I’m always thankful for the amazing and unexpected opportunities the Lord provides for all of us each day! Life is an adventure.

With my love,





Happy 26th Anniversary

My, how I love this man.

April 4, 2017 marked our 26th year of marriage.

I met him when I was just 14 and to this day, he remains my best friend.

This year, Paul took me to dinner at a nice place in Hoover and then we went up to Vulcan. It was absolutely beautiful and I could have stayed next to my man forever right in that place, I think.




His smile still takes my breath and puts butterflies in my stomach. <3







I’m thankful for him.  I would be so blessed to spend another 26 years with him.


April 17, 2017

Hello, old friends.

It’s been quite a long time.

Life has taken so many twists and turns in recent months. Each morning has brought challenges and blessings (of course, those challenges are blessings if you believe that all things happen for the good of those who love Him!).

I have a new grand-boy. We’re knee deep in our little soap business while we plot our future hopes and plans.

Some days are harsh and fast,  most are soft and just flow from one minute to the next. I love my babies, my husband and my home. There is absolutely no other place I would rather be on this earth.

My littles are growing like little weeds! In just a couple of days, and in what seems like just a blink, my tiny Toby has turned 1, and Owen is 3.

In the middle of their birthdays was celebrating my precious grandmother’s birthday. Oh, how the Lord has been so good to allow her to stay with me in these recent years. I never dreamed I would have her longer than my mama but what a sweet blessing she is to me.


I won’t be away so long this time. I just really wanted to drop in and say hello for a bit.

May the Lord bless each of you who drop by to visit this evening. Say hello and tell me your latest happenings.





With my love,


Book Review: Win a Copy of Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

This month, Tommy Nelson sent me a copy of a new Bible, for review.





From the moment the package arrived in the mail, my 9 year old son has been itching to get his hands on my copy!!


I have done some other Bible reviews before but this one has really captured his interest. I was amused to walk into a local Christian bookstore this morning and see a display for these new Bibles with other children flipping through the pages. Apparently, my little guy isn’t the only one who is excited about this book.

The Airship Genesis Study Bible is guided by a group of fictional children named the Genesis Exploration Squad. Cameron, Gabi, Logan, Emma, Wyatt, Rupert, and Joules make up this team of adventurers. They each have their own specialty in exploration they share to help a child remember the stories they read.


In addition, the Airship Genesis Bible comes with free access to online Bible Adventure audio stories including David and Goliath, The Garden of Eden, Noah and the Great Flood, Daniel and the Lions’ Den, and more.


Features of the Airship Genesis Study Bible (as listed on the back of this Bible):

  • Forward to Airship Genesis from David Jeremiah
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • 66 Mission Overviews explore the main theme and purpose of each book in the Bible
  • What is the Bible All About?
  • 100 Rupert Reports offer interesting Bible story facts
  • 66 LOGOS Discovery articles retell exciting stories and adventures found in the Bible
  • 13 full-color maps
  • 75 Power Force sidebars help kids learn and apply Bible truths
  • 50 Bible Heroes segments reveal the life and faith of memorable men and women in the Bible
  • 100 bible Blasts highlight Scripture memory passages
  • Concordance
  • The trustworthy New King James Version
  • Full color throughout the Bible pages
  • 32 vibrant, full-page Bible character illustrations
Mission Overview

Mission Overview in Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible



From the back of the Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible:

“With a new generation rising up, we have the chance to leave a legacy of great inheritance.
Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventure means giving our children the truth of God’s Word with the creative content and quality they deserve.” – David Jeremiah

“The Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible is an exciting adventure through God’s Word in the trustworthy New King James Version. Designed for children ages 7-11, the Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible brings Bible stories to life and helps kids discover vital truths from Scripture, finding real-life applications for children living in today’s world. Study features for the Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible are based on the characters of the Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventure brand from David Jeremiah and the Turning Point for God Ministry.

In Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventure, the Genesis Exploration Squad is commissioned to embark on a series of adventures that takes them throughout the Bible. Each mission is a learning experience, both in biblical understanding as well as character building.”

You can visit the Airship Genesis site here.

This is not a Bible I would send with my child to church but for personal Bible study, it seems to have a whole lot of information presented in a way that will interest young readers.

Ok- so act quick! This giveaway will end in the morning!!

Edited to add: This giveaway is over. Try again soon!

Giveaway Winner

Winner of Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

If you are looking for some other book suggestions and reviews for children, try one of these from Tommy Nelson :

Night Night, Daddy and Night Night Mommy

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook

Good Good Father

Exodus 20

Exodus 20 is our latest scripture memory passages.

A number of months back, our pastor was teaching through this section. Each week, someone would volunteer to recite this section of scripture.

My older children knew The 10 Commandments. Some of my middle kiddos had to work a bit on it and my littles were learning just from listening to the older folks reciting. Jessica took on the project of practicing with them each morning and they have done great! Even Owen at age 2 can recite big portions.

I love to take every opportunity to hide The Word in the hearts of my children!

This is Meredith (age 7) reciting The 10 Commandments. (She was a little bit nervous but she did just great!!)

Exodus 20

Children can learn so much! They are like a little sponge. The more you feed them, the more they will absorb.

Do you help your children to learn scripture? Do you have favorite resources? I would love to hear from you!!