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Not Just an Old Wive’s Tale…

When someone told me that ants wouldn’t cross a chalk line I thought it must be an old wive’s tale…. Continue reading »

The Aroma of My Heart

I’ve been taken with our roses lately. I find myself lingering over them- dreaming of a time when the entire… Continue reading »

Homeschooling Updates…

A quick post this morning! It’s fall….that means we’re reworking our homeschool day. We’ve thrown out the things that didn’t… Continue reading »

Just for Laughs

Jessica is constantly coming up with new outfits for Zoe, our youngest cat. Playtime or torture? You decide.

Still Working ….

We are still working to clean our backyard from last year’s storms. Our damage was limited to the trees in… Continue reading »

The Making of a Dining Table

The making of our dining table was a labor of love. After years of looking in stores and asking other… Continue reading »

Potato Harvest

We’re finally finding time to harvest our potatoes. We probably would have left them in the beds a little longer,… Continue reading »

Our Puppy….

He’s growing….. (Mary Ann, thank you for your Pet Smart advice. I think this is something we’re definitely going to… Continue reading »

Puppy Days

This puppy has been A LOT more work than I had anticipated!! Between “accidents”, howling, barking, jumping on the children,… Continue reading »

April 7, 2011

What a full day! I’m so thankful to the Lord for days when we feel like we’ve accomplished our goals…. Continue reading »


Gracie seems to have acclimated to her new home just fine. We’re past all of the humane shelter paperwork and… Continue reading »

March 19, 2011

Spring days seem to drift in and out so very quickly! I have lists and lists of projects I would… Continue reading »