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My Scripture Notebook

A new family heirloom in the making….my scripture notebook. Memorizing scripture is a meaningful way to start a new year…. Continue reading »

Photo Storage

THIS is where my 2015 goals begin. I have purchased several thumb drives with the intention of organizing and storing… Continue reading »

Old Photos

Courtney and I have spent quite a bit of time scanning photos we found at Mama’s house a year ago…. Continue reading »

Growth Chart

I’m really sorry these pictures are so bad! This room isn’t the brightest and honestly, I’m still learning about this… Continue reading »

Making Memories- Letters to Children

For some time, I’ve been writing letters to my children. These aren’t really on anything specific, just random thoughts, memories,… Continue reading »

Making Memories- Heritage Frame

I came across this idea earlier this week and thought I would share: Heritage Frames My Great-Aunt Judy, made these… Continue reading »

Friday Storm

Friday, a storm passed though that knocked our power off for a few hours. I felt myself beginning to grumble… Continue reading »

Meredith’s Birthday

A whole first year already…. Meredith’s first baby prints on the birthday tablecloth– She loved feeling the paint between her… Continue reading »