Growth Chart

Tracy / October 29, 2011

I’m really sorry these pictures are so bad!

This room isn’t the brightest and honestly, I’m still learning about this little gem of a camera my children purchased for me last Christmas.

I wanted to share one of my newest projects with you:

It’s inspired by this recreation of this Pottery Barn growth chart:

(I needed to replace mine after a little one decided to mark their height on my old chart.)

I’ve never been a fan of using the actual wall for our heights knowing that we would one day move (which we did a couple of years ago). Using a board of some sort allows for the board to move with you!

I was going to just use another white board, but I just couldn’t resist trying the PB inspired one instead.

So, here’s how I did it! I used a board from another really big project:

I rubbed it down with some stain. Then I chose a font I liked and printed off the numbers on my computer.

I cut them out and traced around them on to the board with a Sharpie marker, and colored them in completely. (You may have to do this twice!)

I gave it one coat of polyurethane and I was done!

It turned out really great! We mounted it in the family room. Our children are already walking up to measure themselves.

This is one more thing that I hope will bring them fond memories as adults!

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