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Tracy / September 9, 2010

Oh boy, this is the post that I have been dreading for weeks now!

Let me say, that even before this move, I have not had our laundry under control. I change this and that, but haven’t ever really felt confident that we were efficient in this area of our home.

Twelve people keeps this little washer working full time. Sometimes, I just want to go and pat it to say “thank you, I know you’ve worked so hard….”.

She just works, and works, and works. Dirty towels, muddy clothes, potty accidents, you name it, and my washer probably sees it on a weekly basis.

We do use our dryer, but prefer to hang our clothes to dry out on the line.

The laundry lines were one of the first things we installed after we moved…if I had to rely on the dryer, we would never finish the laundry!
(…not that we’re anywhere close at the moment!)

We have bins in the laundry room for sorting our like colors, etc.

Our children each have hooks in their bedrooms for their bath towels. They launder those with their laundry on their assigned laundry day. (My older children are all responsible for washing and caring for their own laundry.)

This laundry room is temporary…it will eventually be located in this room:

I’m currently planning what exactly I would like to have in the laundry room. I know I would like to have a big folding table along one side. We will also have room for a drying line (for hanging delicate clothes), and bins for the younger children (we’ve decided to locate those in the laundry area rather than their bedrooms).

I also found this stain chart that I want to print and either laminate or frame (click image to view):

A basket for mending and a box for out-grown clothes would be nice.

I’m not sure what else.

If you were planning your perfect laundry room, what would you include?

Thank you for your ideas! Since we’re just in the planning stages, this is a great topic for me!

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7 thoughts on “Laundry Rooms…

  1. If I had as many children as you do and I was building my ‘dream laundry room it would have 2 washers. One dryer would be plenty as I like to hang dry clothes too. I would also like to have enough space to store the extra laundry supplies. I buy laundry soap with a coupon etc. when I can get it for very little cost. Even if I made my own soap as so many others do you still need a place to store what is not in use…
    Good job on those out side lines. They would be wonderful. I do not have the T-post kind of lines. With king size bedding I sure wish I did.

  2. I really like your clothesline! Our laundry room downsized drastically when we moved. Our former home, though small, had the Rolls Royce of laundry rooms! It was huge and where I had the freezer, our pantry, and other kitchen storage. Nowadays, my laundry room is pretty small and proportioned so that the washer and dryer do not sit side by side but rather I wedge myself past the washer to get to the dryer! But it is functional and I’m thankful that I don’t have to go down to the river to do laundry.:-) I hang most of our clothes up to dry too. Love your bin ideas; I may be able to make something like that work for dirty laundry or more storage!

  3. My laundry room is small, but I love it. (My mother-in-law says it looks like I never use it – I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult!) My W & D are side-by-side with enough room on one end to store my folded ironing board and a folding step-ladder. There are cabinets above the W & D where I keep laundry items and cleaning rags. The room is a ‘galley’ so on the opposite wall from the W & D, I have a counter the length of the room. Above the counter is a rod for hanging clothes to dry and/or wait to be ironed. Under the counter is where I keep 4 baskets for sorting. My favorite thing about my laundry room is that it is on the same floor as our bedrooms!!!

  4. Tracy ~

    A dream laundryroom for me…size would be first on the list and definately a folding table area or countertop, a sink in the laundry room…location would be near the kitchen (seeing those are two areas I frequent daily) and maybe even large enough to house our freezer and additional pantry space…food for thought.

    Having the older children doing their own laundry definately lightens the load (so to speak), but the washer is always going.

    Blessings and thanks for sharing ~

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