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Happy 4th Birthday, Darby!

Darby’s 4th birthday was actually last week. I’m just now finding time to post these photos! 😀 We had an

Darby Smiles…

This little one melts my heart each day:


This child has become affectionately known as “Darby-licious”. 😀 She has been a precious addition to our home. I can’t… Continue reading »

Happy 1st Birthday, Darby!!

We slowly getting caught up on picture editing. Darby’s 1st birthday pictures are next. The sad thing is I still… Continue reading »

A Girl and Her Papa


POTD- April 23, 2012

A big brother and his baby sister…

More Ornament Making

A baby’s first few Christmas seasons is so very special. I’ve been trying to make our littles hand print ornaments… Continue reading »

October 3, 2011

To tell the truth, we’ve not felt so well the last week. I hate to see them not feeling well,… Continue reading »

September 27, 2011

First, let me ask– as I try to update things now that we have internet, I would love to visit… Continue reading »

Baby Schedules and Organization….

One of the biggest reasons I have always loved blogging are the helpful tips I’m always finding on the internet…. Continue reading »


It seems so long since I’ve updated this site. Dial-up is another world when you are used to high-speed internet…. Continue reading »

Growing, Growing, Growing…

These pictures were actually taken about a month ago, but since we’re trying to catch things up, I’m posting them… Continue reading »