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Sweet Baby….

My Glowing Baby

These are pictures of the baby from last week. Thankfully, she’s more pink than orange this week and seems to… Continue reading »

Darby’s 1st Bath (at home!)

We always have good help around here….. actually, Meredith, *hates* baths. She started crying when she found out we were… Continue reading »

Darby’s Birth

Almost three weeks later….I’m posting birth details! (It’s been a very FULL three weeks. *smile*) I’ve been trying to re-play… Continue reading »

Baby Pictures, Group 3

Can you tell we’re having fun?? 😀

Baby Pictures, Group 2

More baby pics….

Baby Pictures, Group 1

So, the new baby pretty much takes every minute of every day right now. She is a baby doll. I… Continue reading »

Pediatrician Visit, Day 3

Off for a third visit….she’s looking pretty orange today.

Pediatrician Visit #1…

The baby is looking a little like a pumpkin. We’re off to the pediatrician’s office. This is really no different… Continue reading »


A day later than expected, but perfect, and pink, and beautiful. Thank you all for sweet notes and especially prayer…. Continue reading »

Baby Blessings….

Have I mentioned how special our church family is to us?? Last Sunday, they threw us a very sweet celebration… Continue reading »

New Baby Pics…

I’m quickly updating the site. We’ve been covered in projects and plans….things that all need to be addressed before our… Continue reading »