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Here’s a little about me and my family-

I am in love with a man who still makes my heart sing after almost 30 years.   He stands beside me when things are good, and he stands strong when things have not been so good. He is everything a woman dreams of in her man. He loves me in a way that is full, and rich, and wonderful. He is my heart.

I am mega-family momma with 14 incredible children (8 sons and 5 daughters). We have a sweet “daughter-in-love” and a precious “son-in-love” that we are blessed to have had join our family. We also have 2 very handsome grand-boys!

We have been homeschooling for more than 20 years. We don’t count “school years” since we believe learning begins from the moment our children are born.

I am a motivational mommy coach, creator of The Three Month Master Plan and the soap maven over at the Bath Bomb Lady.

My greatest achievements live or have lived, in my home, but my work has also been featured on About.com, Bright Ideas Press, and in multiple stores across Alabama.

I have also spoken to groups of Christian women regarding scheduling, home management and family-related issues.

I adore the idea of hospitality and homemaking. Though my home may never look like “Martha’s”, I sure enjoy trying!

I am a southern woman to the core, dreaming of sweet tea and fried green tomatoes.  I have a slight obsession with all things chocolate (only slight, *ahem*), and practically anything that involves a needle and thread.

Above all, I have a passionate love for my Lord. I’m thankful for every single day, and every single breath He has given me. I pray He would be glorified in my life, and all that I do each day.

LinesFromTheVine.com  is my family blog but you can also find me on my Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest


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I blog for several reasons but mostly because I want to share the incredibly deep love I have for my Lord, and my family. I want my children to remember our big moments, and the small quiet ones, as well. I want to be an encouragement to a momma who is trying to make her own home, or maybe one that is trying to decide if she should really have that next baby.

May the Lord bless the time you are visiting my blog. <3

Wiht my love,


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