This Week’s Sewing Project

Tracy / February 24, 2015

We realized during our recent flu outbreak we were short some rice socks.  All the girls and I worked together to restock our supply and make some for gifts! This is an old, old, old tutorial for making a simple rice sock.

This Week on Pinterest- Pillowcase Nightgown

Tracy / November 5, 2012

Now this was a FANTASTIC idea! These gowns are made from pillowcases. We created them from THIS tutorial. I can’t even tell you how easy this tutorial was– the exception being the closure on the back. We had to improvise on the closure, but that was easy enough. We just made a button/loop closure at the top. Just think of…

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Last Weekend

Tracy / November 1, 2012

Mama came for a visit. She always has something exciting planned for the kiddos. This week, she had found a Barbie futon at her local thrift store. She worked with the little girls to make a custom cover. She had Emma cut out the pattern and tie little bows. She was so patient as they worked along her side. I…

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This child has become affectionately known as “Darby-licious”. 😀 She has been a precious addition to our home. I can’t remember if I posted pics of this dress, or not. I made it a month or so back…it’s a pattern from “You Can Make This”. It was really easy and turned out so cute….and of course, the model is pretty…

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Baby Update- 35 Weeks….

I actually have a little time this morning. (This is VERY UNUSUAL! I think the children know I’m struggling a bit with morning sickness and giving me some time. They are always very considerate of these things.) Most of the children are cleaning up breakfast dishes and preparing for the day. I hear some out feeding the dog and chickens,…

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Christmas Projects, 2011

Tracy / October 28, 2011

Shhh…. don’t tell! I’m posting pics of the projects I’m working on for our children this Christmas. We’ve started a few, but this is the one I’ve worked on most: This is a pillow dollhouse for Meredith. I sewed pockets into the back to store the little dolls I’ll be making. I’ve included little trims and gathers, ruffles and buttons…

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Knee Socks to Tights

Tracy / October 27, 2011

The weather is turning cooler. We’ve been unpacking jackets and preparing for the winter. I realized last week we needed to buy stockings for our little girls. These cold days can be harsh on a little girl wearing dresses to church. I have seen several tutorials around the internet for making “baby legs”…basically, leg-warmers for littles. I thought this would…

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Baby Supplies…

I’m still re-posting articles from the old site. This morning, I ran across the tutorial for the matching blanket/burp cloth sets I’ve been making recently. These are an easy and inexpensive gift, but are great since they can not only be used for an expected baby, but will stand up well to wear– meaning they can also be used for…

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March 19, 2011

Spring days seem to drift in and out so very quickly! I have lists and lists of projects I would like to tackle. Little boys are learning to read and write. Older children are working on their daily tasks, and blossoming into the adults that I’ve seen a little glimpse of here and there through the years. Time is indeed,…

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Finished Sewing Projects

If you could see the sewing “to-do” list I’m working from, you would gasp! I was telling a dear friend a couple of days ago, maybe it’s a problem stemming from having babies almost 20 years apart….but, I can’t find some of my “basics” I usually like to have on hand. Things like baby gowns and changing pads. This shouldn’t…

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