4H Animal Science Quiz Bowl/Skill-A-Thon 2016

Tracy / January 12, 2016

It has been MONTHS since I’ve had time to do much blogging. Paul’s new job position, the holidays, baby preparations, and LOTS of illness in our home in recent months have made it almost impossible to sit down to catch up on our family blog. I’m going to try and catch things up a little at a time. One of…

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Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Each year I’m astonished by how much Matthew changes. He was a gift to our family during a time when there was much sadness. Paul’s mom had passed unexpectedly. Matthew’s birth was joyful. It was sweet to watch those who were so sad, looking at his tiny hands and feet, and into his tiny face and smiling once again. We…

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Please Be Praying For Matthew

Obviously not thrilled, it’s Matthew’s turn to have his wisdom teeth removed. All four of his are impacted. Having had his braces recently removed, the orthodontist informed us that now is the time to have them taken out before they cause problems or reverse the progress we made with his braces. He did manage to talk the oral surgeon into…

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Matthew’s Braces

I know everyone thinks there doctor is the best, but truly our orthodontist is *THE BEST*. 😀 We first met Dr. Whitehead when Benjamin was only 4 years old. He was having speech therapy and it was suggested that he might need a dental appliance to re-shape the roof of his mouth making it easier for him to make the…

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Homeschooling Updates…

Tracy / October 9, 2012

A quick post this morning! It’s fall….that means we’re reworking our homeschool day. We’ve thrown out the things that didn’t work to replace them with new ideas, projects, and supplies. This year, I’ve found some great things at the Dollar Tree. This little puzzle was one of several we picked up. I think Target normally has some really nice little…

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Matthew’s 13th Birthday…..

We are in the middle of a birthday season in our home. Matthew turned 13 almost a month ago. Matthew turned 13 almost a month ago. Whew! I had to read that one again. Where in the world has time gone?! I think I ask that question a whole lot. Each day is full, with it’s own little adventures. Time…

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More of Matthew….

See what happens when you play with your mama’s camera? She posts them on her blog to share with all the world…. bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Like Father, Like Son

In the process of going through my camera photos, I found these: Amazing, don’t you think?! At least we know where Matthew got the fascination with taking pictures of himself! 😀


I started to shut down my computer and found this list of quotes Matthew and Jessica are compiling. Of course, they are their own. 🙂 I couldn’t help but post these! I love having children…they make life such fun!!

Matthew, the Newest Lambert, and Life ….

Tracy / February 5, 2012

This has been a *very long* week. On Thursday (of last week), Matthew started feeling ill. I thought maybe he had eaten something that didn’t agree with him. We had him lie down most of the day, and just rest. Friday, my Mom came for a visit. Paul was leaving that day and she and I decided to head north…

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Memorizing Scripture

Tracy / October 21, 2011

Paul and I have been trying to add more Scripture memory to our daily, family routine. I’ve prayed over how to begin- and came up with a few fun ideas focused mostly on our younger children. One, was to make flashcards of a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet. The Lord really blessed me when last week, rather…

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Tracy / September 24, 2011

It seems so long since I’ve updated this site. Dial-up is another world when you are used to high-speed internet. I can’t tell you how difficult it is do accomplish simple tasks…things like banking, using the library or just checking store hours. Websites just aren’t being made to use dial-up anymore. If you are trying to blog, or use fb,…

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