Illness and Accident

We are ‘counting it all joy’ this week, in our home. After a long bout of illness in late January, this last couple of weeks have found us sick AGAIN. This has been a particularly nasty bug. My littles were all first to become ill. Slowly, it crept through our home. Owen and I have been the last to catch…

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CAP Encampment

Don’t mind me this week, I’ll just stay here in this corner and pout for just a while. I may be feeling just a *little* sorry for myself. Of course, I know it’s not about me….it’s about him. He is growing up. He’s a man. He’s doing man things now. Jacob is at CAP encampment all week. When we dropped…

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Jacob’s First Flight

New to us this year, was Jacob joining Civil Air Patrol. This past Saturday found us meeting a flight instructor at Bessemer’s Mitchell Field, for Jacob’s very first flight. It’s all the more fun when little brothers can tag along to watch! He went along with one of his good friends, Jared. They had a great time flying to Selma,…

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My Boys

Paul and I try weekly, to take some of our children to town with us. We run errands and do our shopping…we enjoy their company. This past week, I had the privilege of sharing time with Jacob and Timothy. We had quite a bit to do, but managed to stop and pick up lunch. I’m a blessed mama. I sure…

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New Sparkle Shoes- Thrifted Finds

Tracy / October 4, 2012

Many of you know Emma has had a long-time love for those Wizard of Oz red sparkle shoes. We found her a pair a couple of years ago. Of course, she’s grown and they have not. She wore them proudly, pretty much everywhere we went for that period of time. She’s missed them. I’ve looked for a replacement and finally…

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Baby Update- 35 Weeks….

I actually have a little time this morning. (This is VERY UNUSUAL! I think the children know I’m struggling a bit with morning sickness and giving me some time. They are always very considerate of these things.) Most of the children are cleaning up breakfast dishes and preparing for the day. I hear some out feeding the dog and chickens,…

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Still Working ….

We are still working to clean our backyard from last year’s storms. Our damage was limited to the trees in our yard. Looking around other areas of our state, it could have been much worse! We’re thankful to just have trees to cut. We finally purchased a new chainsaw a couple of weeks back. It’s really been a long-needed tool…

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Paul has now finished his degree. He’s still waiting to graduate, but now, we’re ordering graduation announcements and enjoying the extra time with him. While he’s had a little more free time, he’s been working on my pantry. I’m SO very excited! We’ve needed one for a long time. He and Jacob have worked most of the afternoon, and will…

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Ironing Board Holder

Tracy / October 28, 2011

Jacob’s newest project! I love to watch my children developing new skills. It’s amazing what they can do when given the opportunity!

Jacob’s Birthday

Tracy / October 18, 2011

After years of being told how horrible it was going to be to have teens in our home, Paul and I have been pleasantly surprised with all four of our oldest children. They are a blessing to our entire family- and I actually look forward to those teen years now! Imagine that!! It’s the years between toddler and teen that…

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October 13, 2011

Tracy / October 13, 2011

I’m glad to be on to a new day. Jacob, is feeling much better today. He ended up with 8 stitches…though we’re not positive. The stitches on one end of his finger are so close together, it’s hard to tell exactly. We’ve already opened his bandage and cleaned it today. He’s not in too much pain (I’m so glad….). I’m…

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