Our Week in Review- February 18, 2018

Tracy / February 19, 2018

This is our week in review. There have been SO many things. Life is like that, right? We think it is just us, but it isn’t. Life happens to everyone. Let’s see.  This week has been sort of crazy in our home. Darby’s Tick Just after I took Darby to the doctor for that wood in her foot (which is…

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Darby’s Foot

www.LinesFromTheVine.com- Darby's Foot
Tracy / February 12, 2018

“Oh, Darby.  Your poor little foot.” Darby is 6 years old. She reminds me so much of a little pixie. She is normally fluttering around happily from room to room. Friday was a beautiful day. It’s been bitterly cold even in the deep south. Friday was *perfect*. We had lunch outside, did most of our schooling outside. Even the chickens…

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Happy 4th Birthday, Darby!

Darby’s 4th birthday was actually last week. I’m just now finding time to post these photos! 😀 We had an


This child has become affectionately known as “Darby-licious”. 😀 She has been a precious addition to our home. I can’t remember if I posted pics of this dress, or not. I made it a month or so back…it’s a pattern from “You Can Make This”. It was really easy and turned out so cute….and of course, the model is pretty…

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Happy 1st Birthday, Darby!!

We slowly getting caught up on picture editing. Darby’s 1st birthday pictures are next. The sad thing is I still have more…but at least Courtney has her’s ready! My favorite picture! Panda cake in progress. (Each of our children have received this as their very first birthday cake.) Finished cake! Jacob was trying to make Darby look at her cake.…

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More Ornament Making

Tracy / December 28, 2011

A baby’s first few Christmas seasons is so very special. I’ve been trying to make our littles hand print ornaments each year. Now, when they pull out their ornaments, they hold up their little hands to see how they’ve grown. It makes me smile, and I think of the adults they will someday be, holding their hand up to these…

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October 3, 2011

Tracy / October 4, 2011

To tell the truth, we’ve not felt so well the last week. I hate to see them not feeling well, but I think it’s just part of life this time of year. I’m always glad to see everyone on the mend, but this does give us a chance to pause and see them all back to health. Please keep my…

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September 27, 2011

Tracy / September 27, 2011

First, let me ask– as I try to update things now that we have internet, I would love to visit some of you on your blogs too. Would you mind leaving me a comment with your blog address? I would love to drop in and say “hello” from time to time.

Baby Schedules and Organization….

Tracy / September 27, 2011

One of the biggest reasons I have always loved blogging are the helpful tips I’m always finding on the internet. Women share some of the best ideas and tutorials….I think they help me be a better mom and wife in my own home. I’m always finding an idea, or the how-to’s for a project I know would be a good…

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