Our Week in Review- February 25, 2018

Tracy / February 26, 2018

Our Week in Review… A page turn for our family. I know these posts are long- I’m trying to be more careful about remembering the happenings each day. I’m just bringing each of you along on the ride.:) Feel free to just pick a day to read, if you would like!  If you are staying for the entirety of our…

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Tobias at 5 Months

Toby is 5 months
Tracy / October 8, 2016

Yep. It always goes by so fast. Toby is already 5 months old. These months with a little baby are so different than they were when I was a younger mama. In those days, it seemed endless…lots of sleepless nights. Diapers, diapers and more diapers. Now the days go by so fast. They seem to grow overnight. (He looked like…

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After A Long Silence-

Tracy with Toby

After a long silence, I’m trying to fit in time to update my blog. Seasons are passing so quickly for me these days. (Don’t they always?) The new baby (my precious Toby), is now three months old. Courtney is in a courtship. He has been with us each day, the entire last month. I like him a whole lot. He…

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ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Sound!

Are you still following the Ethan Project for summer ideas? The summer is almost over. We only have a few challenges left but it isn’t too late to join along. This week’s assignment is “Enjoy the Sound”. Paul and I have had an extra-special blessing this week. It’s been easy to “enjoy the sound”. Meet Gabriel Elijah, our very first…

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The Aroma of My Heart

I’ve been taken with our roses lately. I find myself lingering over them- dreaming of a time when the entire rose bed might be full of blooms, watching the bees buzz as they do their daily work while we enjoy the fruits of their labor. I cut several stems a few nights back. They are arranged in vases on the…

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Texas 2015 (Part 2- San Antonio)

San Antonio is an absolutely beautiful city. I was privileged to spend time there as a teenager for a high school speech competition and I’ve been there twice with Paul. We were on the road early from Houston toward San Antonio. Paul had decided he wanted to eat lunch at The Canyon Café. It is located not far from town…

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New Family Pictures

We are *so* very blessed to have a sweet young friend who agreed to take a new family photo for us while everyone was here on Resurrection Sunday. This one will now replace the one that currently hangs above our sofa. I’m thrilled to be updating that one, we were missing Owen, Kylie, our new (expected) grandson and Paul’s sweet…

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Happy Sunday!

We dropped by after church to visit with my Grandmother yesterday. She was confused, speaking of my grandfather and his visits, but having a good day. We enjoyed helping her play BINGO in the lunchroom. I think her friends there enjoy our visits, too. Yesterday, one of the ladies there was insistent the children would eat one of her chicken…

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Visiting Great-Grandmother

Grandmother remains confused, but good. My little girls enjoyed the time with her…they gave her lots of kisses and told them all the latest happenings in their lives. I re-arranged her room just a little, and enjoyed chatting. She laughed as we talked about watching Love Boat on Friday nights….so many years ago, and yet, it seems like yesterday. My…

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Visiting with my grandmother is not something I get to do very often. She lives almost two hours from my home. I’m always grateful when Mom, or Paul have some time for me to make the trip with them. Watching someone you love so much age, can be difficult. Grandmother struggles with confusion quite a bit these days. She laughs…

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Family Pictures 2010

Tracy / January 26, 2011

When my dear friend, Natalie, offered to take family pictures for us, I was thrilled!! Until this year, we’ve been told that we’re too large a group to go to a studio, and the cost for an on-site photographer was so expensive, I knew it would need to wait until a different season of our lives. Shoes, diapers and food…

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Thanksgiving 2010

Tracy / January 7, 2011

Slowly, but surely, I’m trying to catch up here. These are a few pictures from Thanksgiving. We are thankful for many things this year, but celebrating the holiday with family and some favorite friends made for an extra special day of memories. My mini-girl….. Sweet little boys…. My Jessa…. Our dinner table… Did I mention how special it was to…

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