Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Meal Rotation

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation-
Tracy / September 16, 2017

    This is a quick blog post about Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Rotation for our home. Lately, I have been getting lots of questions about how I meal plan. Some are the regular questions I get about exactly how we feed 13 folks each day (my 3 older children are grown and in homes of their own). The latest questions are just…

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Evening Routines

I’ve been working to post my home management/diligence card system today. It is still a work in progress. I foresee cards for evening chores, a mid-day routine, school work, a reading list, and I’m not sure what else. These cards have worked so well for us, I’ve found myself wondering why it took me so long to figure all of…

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House Updates

Tracy / December 21, 2013

OK…here are the updates! The windows and doors on the back wall are DONE! The contractor will be back on Monday to discuss finishing the underside of the roof on this side and then we’ll talk siding! I CAN’T WAIT. The little window on the end USED to be the back door…it’s going away. We’re turning that little room into…

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Home Improvement- We Begin Again

Tracy / October 16, 2013

It seems our home is changing daily. I am elated to see progress and pray the Lord will continue to guide our steps as we plan for what will come next. These are some quick pictures from this morning. Everyone is smiling and ready to start the day! Our home improvement project today will mostly focus on the deck paint.…

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New Sparkle Shoes- Thrifted Finds

Tracy / October 4, 2012

Many of you know Emma has had a long-time love for those Wizard of Oz red sparkle shoes. We found her a pair a couple of years ago. Of course, she’s grown and they have not. She wore them proudly, pretty much everywhere we went for that period of time. She’s missed them. I’ve looked for a replacement and finally…

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Jackson is Sleeping!! Woohoo!!! (Baby Schedule)

Tracy / September 28, 2012

SIX straight hours!! That is how many hours our little one slept last night. Ahhhh….sweet sleep! I truly believe I am a better person if I can just have a little sleep at night. Well, maybe more than a little. A little is pretty much all I’ve been getting this last several weeks. This little guy has had an attraction…

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FREE First Aid Products….

A quick note for those of you stretching budgets and trying to find deals! Right now, Target is running a coupon for 75 cents off a first aid item of your choice. Hyrodogen Peroxide is 50 cents a bottle, giving you 25 cent overage on this purchase. I printed our coupons and have been dropping in, or sending the children…

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Back to Couponing

It’s pathetic to pay full price for a tube of toothpaste. At least, this is what I think for my family. I’ll admit, I had fallen off the couponing bandwagon. There have been so many things happening in our home in recent months, it has just not been a priority. I have continued to stock up on those things we…

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POTD- April 17, 2012

Working tonight on our home schedule….. These are the daily activity sheets for each member of our family.

Home Management…3/26 Update

I’m *so* very behind on my book reviews. I probably should have stuck Large Family Logistics on the bottom of my list for this year. I knew when I picked the book up, I would be there for a while. 🙂 I’ve already read through the book once, but I decided it was worth reading through again and this time…

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Goals Check- January 2012

Tracy / February 6, 2012

This has been a crazy month. It seems that every time I set goals, the door opens wide for distractions and delays of all kinds. Such is life. In any case, the bad news. I’m terribly behind on my sewing projects. I know, I know, I’m hanging my head low. I did work on a few things, but nothing is…

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