Goals Check- January 2012

Tracy / February 6, 2012

This has been a crazy month. It seems that every time I set goals, the door opens wide for distractions and delays of all kinds. Such is life.

In any case, the bad news. I’m terribly behind on my sewing projects. I know, I know, I’m hanging my head low. I did work on a few things, but nothing is completely finished. I really need to step it up….I have a ton of projects needing my attention. Perhaps February will allow me a little more time for these projects.

My savings for our deep freeze is coming right along. We’re about 1/4 of the way towards our goal. Now to just find the freezer. The largest in hardware stores I can find, at the moment, is 16 cubic feet. This will barely accomplish our goals for the freezer. I’m hoping SEARS might have a better selection, maybe this one(?):

By mid-February, we’ll have also saved enough to replace our 21 year old mattress. Ahhhh….sleep…… I’m so excited. The last time we had saved this money, I ended up having to have some dental work done that swallowed our entire mattress budget.

These are the times it would be so easy to go out and charge what we want. It’s hard to resist the urge to have things we want NOW, but boy, that option really stings in the end. Paul and I have worked so hard to pay off our debts– I NEVER want to go there again. Period.

My reading list is my shining star. Not only did I finish my January goals, I’m also on target for finishing a read through my entire Bible this year, and I finished 2 additional books! If you would like to read my reviews on these books, you can look for my Good Reads widget in the lower right corner.

Thank you again, Crystal, for the inspiration to set these goals! It seems that we don’t get nearly as much done when we don’t have a plan!

2 thoughts on “Goals Check- January 2012

  1. Our karate instructor has been encouraging us to set goals. This is something I’ve never done; well, except for the time that I lost 80 pounds – – 20 at a time! I think I’d better get back on that band wagon!!

    You amaze me Tracy – 11 homeschooled children and ALL the things you manage to accomplish. You literally run circles around me and I only have 2 children (and as you know they are homeschooled!). You encourage me and spur me on to do bigger and better 🙂

    Yeah for paying for things with cash! It seems like every where I go, the store wants to tempt me to save 20% if I get a store credit card. I tell them no thanks and share with them that we are strictly a cash family – if we don’t have the money for it, then we just don’t get it. (Which usually means we don’t need it!)

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