Home Improvement- We Begin Again

Tracy / October 16, 2013

It seems our home is changing daily.

I am elated to see progress and pray the Lord will continue to guide our steps as we plan for what will come next.

These are some quick pictures from this morning. Everyone is smiling and ready to start the day!

Our home improvement project today will mostly focus on the deck paint. The white railing and dark floor boards really help the porch pop. It just looks like a place you would want to linger on a beautiful afternoon.

The siding has been started.  I hope we’ll see some progress today but with impending rain, we’re not sure if the contractor will come, or not.
We still have some touch-up paint to be done…
but what a difference it is making, thus far!
Paul has installed light switches and is still installing outlets around the basement.  Before, we were running extension cords from the inside.  It is a HUGE improvement to be able to just plug into an outlet in the wall!
These outlets are for my extra fridge and freezer!  At the moment, they are in our family clothes closet.  The plans we have to move the kitchen mean that all of those things will be moving. 
At some point, I’m going to post photos of our home when we first moved in- our pest control man stopped by the day before yesterday. He commented on how much progress we have made since moving here. He went on to say this house renovation could have qualified for it’s own reality show! 😀

I remember coming here just after we bought the home. Mama was still on a walker from having broken her feet. She sat in our family room and we talked about all the things we would like to do to this home.  She looked out the window and told me how beautiful it was-  we have made numerous changes since moving here.  I wish she could see the changes we’ve made this year.

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