Tracy / September 24, 2011

It seems so long since I’ve updated this site.

Dial-up is another world when you are used to high-speed internet. I can’t tell you how difficult it is do accomplish simple tasks…things like banking, using the library or just checking store hours. Websites just aren’t being made to use dial-up anymore.

If you are trying to blog, or use fb, you must have a lot of patience. While you are online, also expect that no one can call your home, or if they do, after waiting 25 minutes for a page to load, you are quickly cut-off by the telephone ringing.

*Sigh*— It’s been a long, long year and a half.

Some of you may know, we’ve spent hours trying to get high-speed service in our rural town. First, the equipment was the main issue and then, when it was installed, we found out the local county government was holding up the installation process. My son, addressed the county and we’ve written letters and made perhaps hundreds of phone calls.

After all the work, I’m happy to say WE HAVE INTERNET again!! (Can you hear the choir as I type??)

I’m not sorry for the time without high-speed. It’s taught me to prioritize things a little better than I once did, and most importantly, allowed me to focus on my number one priority, my home.

I’ll admit, I missed this….but, I know it’s not the end all….

in any case, I’m glad to be back. <3 For today, I'm posting a few random pictures. Hopefully, in the days to come, I'll be here a little more often.

My precious little one, always growing….two days ago, she started sucking her thumb and rolling over by herself.

Miss Emma, is now taking violin lessons!! I’m so proud of her!

When Matthew is not falling off a horse :), he’s building card houses.

Jacob, started the summer by planting a patch of sunflowers. He’s taken such care of them…these days, he’s drying out the heads (his brothers sneak out for a quick snack from time to time), and deciding what to plant next.

One of my latest thrifted finds….you can never have too many baby swings around this house.

Meredith has learned to paint her own toenails….(I really have no other words….)

Two of my favorite girls….I’m one *very* blessed momma!

Wishing you all a perfectly wonderful day!

With my love,

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