1st Harvest

It’s not much, but we were so excited to pick our first harvest this morning!

Rosemary, lavender, thyme, 1 eggplant, 2 cherry tomatoes and 2 banana peppers.

I guess the cherry tomatoes will be a quick snack for someone in my home…but there are lots more for yummy salads growing outside on the vines right now.

We are also seeing more banana peppers and larger tomatoes on the way! We’re excited. My children race outside in the mornings to see what has changed outside since we were out the day before. The whole gardening process has been a homeschooling lesson like no other and I’m so thankful that the Lord allowed us this opportunity.

I can hardly believe that we’re into July already. I remember as a child feeling like days would never end. As I’ve gotten older, I’m learning to cherish each and every moment…they pass way too quickly.

Emma woke up around 10:30 last evening. I changed her diaper and took her to smile at her Daddy for a few minutes before we went to nurse her back to sleep.

She is so very sweet. I enjoyed the few moments, when all was quiet, of my little sweetie playing with my watch as she nursed.

I find myself wondering, how she got so big all of the sudden. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was looking over at her in her Daddy’s arms moments after her birth? What has happened to those bald little gums that could melt a heart in a split second?

I know the story…I’m seeing it unfold right before my eyes. Those bald gums are replaced by a sweet, but wet, toothy grin…and then come first steps across the living room floor. Before you know it, teething rings are replaced with baseballs and baby dolls. Time passes, sometimes it seems it takes so long, but really it’s so quick you could never really take hold of even one moment. It’s inevitable, the little people turn into bigger people.

I find myself watching my older children. I remember them being babies but in my mind it all seems so surreal….how could they have ever been that little? My oldest two dear boys catch my attention frequently as they watch their Dad…they are learning so much everyday…changing tires, last week they learned to work on the hot water heater, repairing lawn mowers and computer programming. Even more importantly, they are learning to be men. They watch their Dad as he pays bills and leaves for work each day. They hear him when he comforts someone over the phone or when he prays with their Mom. They are seeing life every moment and they soak it all in.

My girls make me feel inadequate. I wonder if I’m equipped to teach them all that I want them to know before they leave my home for one of their own. I remember my first little girl in piggy tails and a Dalmatian shirt and I know that very few years remain with her in my home. She is almost grown now. She has blessed my life and my heart. I pray that she will learn all she can about diapering babies and kissing boo-boos. I want her to realize that it is her responsibility to create a beautiful fragrance in her home…one of harmony, peace, love for each other, and ever growing love for the Lord. I hope that she will be blessed with a husband who will listen when she’s sad, will help her when she asks, one who will honor her and his commitment to her, and will lead his family, realizing that his days, just like mine, will be gone before he knows it…every step he takes needs to count….his very mission is to build the kingdom and his family.

I want to cherish every moment. I’m tired of giving my time to things that won’t matter in 100 years…”Lord, that you would let me savor every moment”.

Prayer Requests

Tanya’s family is still having car trouble. Please pray that the Lord would send the financial resources that they need to get this corrected. (They were trying to make a visit to see her DH’s family….)

Sonja’s family is dealing with wildfires. It’s looking like they might lose their home and they need extra prayer.

Today, I’m Thankful For

Mom having a good time at her art picnic last night.

Our 1st harvest.

Yard work already done this morning!!

Sewing that I worked on last night.

Additional work that Paul finished for our business.

Tracy’s Task

Today, I’m working on de-cluttering the drawers in my kitchen. If you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, get rid of it!!! Don’t feel guilty…trust me, you’ll feel so much better once the clutter is gone.

What I’m Learning

It was on this day in 1979 that Skylab made it’s return to earth, showering debris all over Australia and the Indian Ocean.

Being married to a space “guru”, (Paul loves it when I call him this!! LOL!! This one is for you honey!) keeps me on my toes concerning space trivia!!

Today’s Scripture Meditation

My dear friend Christy sent this to me yesterday. I loved this and wanted to share it (I was really excited,…Christy agreed to guest post for a few days when I have my mouth surgery!….for anyone else who would like to post something, I would be glad to give you the platform! Just let me know!)

Christy said:

I wanted to share a Scripture that really stuck out to me this morning as I was reading my Bible. It is from Micah chapter 4 and verse 5. (this chapter is talking about the LORD’S reign in Zion.)

“For all people walk each in the name of his god, But we will walk in the name of the LORD our God Forever and ever.”

Everyone has a god in their lives— I think the biggest one is the god of self.

Well said Christy.

I hope that all of you have a good day,

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