Darby’s Foot

www.LinesFromTheVine.com- Darby's Foot
Tracy / February 12, 2018

“Oh, Darby.  Your poor little foot.”

www.LinesFromTheVine.com- Darby's Foot

Darby is 6 years old. She reminds me so much of a little pixie.

She is normally fluttering around happily from room to room.

Friday was a beautiful day. It’s been bitterly cold even in the deep south. Friday was *perfect*.

We had lunch outside, did most of our schooling outside. Even the chickens were happy wandering around while we went through our lessons.www.linesfromthevine.com- chicken

At some point, I noticed Darby with no shoes on her feet. I asked her to inside and put shoes on. A little later I noticed again, still no shoes.

After lunch, she came running in crying. She told me she had stepped on something. When I asked what, she just responded, “the thing with four things”.  Don’t you love 6 year old logic?

I sat her up on the counter in the kitchen with her foot draped over the sink. There was blood everywhere.  I could see what looked like a 1/4″ piece of wood stuck up into the bottom of her foot.  It was weird that the blood stopped by itself almost immediately. I’m assuming whatever was there just clogged the puncture site?

Bless her heart, she kept saying, “Thank you, Mama! Thank you for helping me.” She was so scared.  I just hugged her tight and told her she was going to be okay. We cleaned it and had her soaking it in Epsom salt while I started trying to settle everyone here. Honestly, these types of situations are a little tricky with traveling husband, and the older children working outside the home. You don’t want to drag a house full of little people out in the middle of the night, if you can help it. So you think creatively.

I phoned the Urgent Care and they told me they could see her if we arrived before 10. Darby, Ben and I loaded up and left.

On the way, I prayed over her little foot. We asked the Lord to give the doctor wisdom and to help the removal process be easy. I asked the Lord to make Darby brave and to comfort her heart. We also asked that the Lord would keep us from catching the flu while we were sitting in that waiting room! That was a huge concern for me! We have managed to go months without illness now. I’m so hoping we can avoid it, if possible.

When we arrived there, they had a fairly full waiting room. The nurse asked us to step back to see the doctor before we signed in. She wanted to make sure she could help before we waited and found out she couldn’t.  She looked at it and saw exactly what I knew she would see. She told me she wasn’t sure she would be able to get it out but she would try.  She went ahead and put numbing cream and a bandage that sealed on all four sides, on to Darby’s foot.

We were seated back in the waiting area where we stayed for the next hour and a half, or so.

We were the last patients of the evening. The office had long closed. (…at least I’m all caught up on Toon Disney shows now, lol!)

Darby was placed in a room and we waited again. When the doctor came in, Darby was so brave. She sat perfectly still while the doctor flushed the punctured area and asked me to step over and take a look. She said she had seen exactly what I had when she first looked at Darby’s foot. Now there was nothing.

www.LinesFromTheVine.com- Darby's Foot

The puncture wound was there, but no stick!

They ended up doing an x-ray. Again, they saw nothing. The doctor said maybe whatever was in it had fallen out in the bandage. That was odd since the bandage was sealed all the way around…either way, the wound was clear.

I believe the Lord answered my prayer for my little one!

We arrived home just after midnight on Saturday morning. I was so tired but so thankful for a good report.

Darby has been walking around okay for the last couple of days. She is sore but seems pretty good.

God is good!  …and Darby is wearing shoes when she goes outside now. Lessons are just so hard sometimes.



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