October 3, 2011

Tracy / October 4, 2011

To tell the truth, we’ve not felt so well the last week.

I hate to see them not feeling well, but I think it’s just part of life this time of year. I’m always glad to see everyone on the mend, but this does give us a chance to pause and see them all back to health.

Please keep my family in your prayers over the next week as we’re recovering!

This last week has been an adventure.

We’re puppy-sitting for a dear friend.

The children have enjoyed our guests….I hope the puppies have enjoyed their time here as well.

I think the neighboring children have enjoyed playing too!!


“Tidbit” is continuing to grow each and every day! She started rolling from her tummy to her back last week…and has suddenly taken an interest in her thumb!

She enjoys the exersaucer for little bits of time.

She and Emma are good friends these days…..


Emma is still learning violin…we’re thankful for sweet friends that allow both she and Courtney to ride with them each Saturday! 😉 Emma is learning, but also enjoys time with her friend.

Emma talking on the phone to this sweet little girl….


I’m in the middle of several crafting projects. I think I stayed up too late on Saturday and this was the result:

Sorry it’s not a clear picture…

Courtney said on Saturday morning, when the children started noticing it, one of them said, “um…Courtney, I think there’s a problem here!”.
They thought it was a real mouse hole!!

We think it’s cute…I’m not sure how long it will stay, but for now, it’s been fun.

This, btw, was an idea I found while surfing Pinterest. If you haven’t visited that site, proceed with caution. It is FULL of ideas!

Our garden, believe it or not, is actually producing something. It’s taken us a year but we’re seeing some okra and cucumbers.

This is one of Jacob’s Italian Sunflowers. They are simply beautiful!

That’s it for us today.

I hope you all are well and having a great week!!

With my love,

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