October 7, 2010

Tracy / October 7, 2010


Can you believe that’s all the car repair cost us??

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a car repair bill that low…what a blessing!

So now, we have our big blue truck back in the driveway and we’re now looking for our next family vehicle.

Up until this week, we were pretty sold on just replacing our 15 passenger van. Now, I’m looking at having 13 people in one van, and nothing about that sounds fun.

In fact, if you’ve ever been in a 15 passenger, you know, there is NO storage room…so add to that 13 people, multiple strollers, diaper bags, etc. and you understand why we think we’ve probably now out-grown the big vans.

That leaves us with two options…a short school bus (no jokes, please! *smile*), or a shuttle bus.

I’m personally leaning toward a shuttle bus. We actually found one locally that Joshua is calling about, but I know nothing about them.

Decisions, decisions…if you think on it, please pray for us where transportation is concerned.

Prayer Requests

  • Healthy baby, healthy pregnancy : )
  • A sweet friend who has recently lost her baby
  • Paul as he works the remainder of this week

Today I’m Thankful For

    • Dear Tonya…my sweet, sweet friend <3
    • Much cooler weather…I had to pull out my little heater this week– I just can’t seem to get warm!
    • Crafting time with my two oldest daughters
    • A playpen pad- cut out, ties made, and pinned ready to be finished (maybe today?)

  • Graduation announcements arriving today- we hope to have them mailed back out before the end of the day

Today’s Scripture Meditation

“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”– Psalm 63:1

With my love,

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  1. Tracy – we have friends close by that have a shuttle bus. They have 8 children and it works well for them. The mom has no problem driving it around town. As a matter of fact, even when the Dad is with them, she still drives!

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