July 16, 2011

This has been a long, long week.

As we are preparing and starting our new school year, I’m always tweaking this and changing that….it can be a challenge, but honestly, it’s something I look forward to each and every year.

We’re working with the littles using Five In A Row. It’s a long-time favorite in our home with our young children.

We’re kicking off the year with Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

The children are excited!

Of course, there is still a lot of summer left….

we can’t forget the important things:

I have such fond memories of playing in the rain as a girl. I hope my children look back and smile when they think of these moments too!!

Jacob, has had some fun of his own. After repairing the lawn mower last week, he took it for a “test” drive which included cutting crop circles and the word “peace” into our pasture. I wonder what folks flying above are thinking?

I’m really surprised at how neat it all looks. Maybe I could get him to coordinate with me on holiday themes? 😀

Jessica, has been playing with my camera. I think she sees her big sister and would love to follow in her footsteps:

All in all, we’re staying busy–

My “to-do” list for the next couple of months.

I would definitely like to see a little more structure to things this school year, but then, I think I say that EVERY year. *smile*

Wishing you all well on this beautiful, summer evening.

With my love,

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