Something Really Big is Happening!

Tracy / February 6, 2020

When we purchased this house, we knew it would be a work in progress, but it gave our growing family lots of space. It has provided us a place to host friends and gatherings, to love on those who feel a little broken, and to watch little ones learn to love trees and butterflies and mud. 🙂

We have made slow progress over the nine years we have lived here, but knew we wouldn’t make serious progress until it was paid off. What a blessing it was to write that last check early this last fall. Now, it’s time to make some things happen.

As part of my 2020 purposes, and in working the three month master plan, we’ve decided on 5 projects to tackle this year.

The first will be to refinish the front bedroom. It will be my sewing room/guest room. We’re adding windows, shelves, new doors, and new paint….a team of contractors are supposed to show up in the morning (YIKES!), to begin. We are being told, they will be completely done with this room in 3-4 days. That just seems crazy to me.

I’m excited and scared to death, but it’s time. It’s time to start turning this into the home, I believe the Lord intended it to be when we moved here. We have bathed this house and our plans in prayer. I can’t wait to see it begin coming together.

May the Lord bless this work and be pleased as we begin to work through our plans!

This is the first of 5 projects we intend to finish (the Lord willing!) this year.

The house will look so different by the end of the year, and then what?!  I giggle at the thought of laying out 5 more projects! Maybe the main hall and bathroom, the kitchen, living room and family room? A poured driveway would be nice…I guess we will see!

I keep telling Paul I also want a curly slide through the house for our grand-littles! I think he believes I’m joking. 😀

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