December 18, 2013

Tracy / December 19, 2013

This is it- my deadline for finishing the girl bathroom.

Tonight, Joshua has five pieces of trim left to hang. We have a toilet paper holder that needs better wall anchors (which WILL HAVE TO WAIT until tomorrow). Closet doors need to be trimmed and reworked to become french doors. A threshold still needs to be cut and installed.

Everything else is done.

Short of the toilet paper holder, the entire bathroom should be finished before we go to bed for the evening.
When we’re finished with all of it, I’ll try and post before and after photos.

Here are some projects for the last two days:

They have a new toilet installed, working and NOT leaking. (That’s always a plus!)

The shower is finished minus the trim Joshua still needs to install. I can hear the nail gun right now…hopefully, it won’t be too long!

The closet (missing the doors)…painted, shelves lined. Waiting to be re-stocked with towels and other bathroom necessaries.

The $30 Craig’s List vanity- by far, my favorite project in this room. We disassembled the doors and drawers. It got a new coat of paint, and new hardware. Then, I glazed the entire thing using stain and baby oil….I *LOVE* how it turned out. This is most certainly how I will be finishing the kitchen cabinets when they are ready for paint.

The back deck was finished yesterday.

Our contractor will be back tomorrow to begin installing new windows and french doors in our long family room. Our entire house is upside down. I’ll be happy when these projects are done so we can start getting some things settled where they belong.

In the meantime, I made our menu for the next 8 days (including Christmas). Courtney and Matthew went to two stores and purchased those groceries this morning. Paul and I ran by SAM’s tonight. House construction doesn’t stop Christmas and it doesn’t make folks not want to eat. 😀

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