House Updates

Tracy / December 21, 2013

OK…here are the updates!

The windows and doors on the back wall are DONE!

The contractor will be back on Monday to discuss finishing the underside of the roof on this side and then we’ll talk siding! I CAN’T WAIT.

The little window on the end USED to be the back door…it’s going away. We’re turning that little room into a library for my littles. I’m excited to begin work on that project, but it’s still some time off.

For now, we’re back to work on the room downstairs.

These are the new storage closet. It doesn’t look like much and at the moment, there is no light… I’m hoping that will change by the first part of next week.

These are the new bedroom. We have to replace the window and hang the drywall this week. Lots to be done…

Today, our only goal is to finish the storage closet and their bedroom closet. I’ll be glad to have the drywall up…I think these rooms will begin to look more finished as drywall and a ceiling are installed.

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