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Tracy / September 1, 2013

I’m trying to remain positive right now.

Our main contractor- well, he’s not exactly quick, but he does a beautiful, quality job, at an affordable price.

What were the chances we could get that a second time?  Not good.

Our concrete/blocking contractor, well, we have a poured basement.  It’s not even.  It’s not neat.  There are various issues he has yet to resolve.

This is what it looks like right now:

It’s definitely better.  The space will be useful.

It’s all of this that is leaving me upset:

Our original contractor cleans up after himself. I think he’s spoiled us.

We SHOULD have asked if they would be cleaning after themselves.  We SHOULD have had this negotiated in our original contract.

Did I happen to mention the happened to back over our cable line and broke it in two places? Actually, they ripped it out of the ground to move it out of the way. That meant no phone, and no internet (Joshua works from home).

Also, was that little matter of the contractor leaving early on Thursday during the largest part of our pour. (It was his birthday, you know.) The sub-contractors, left unsupervised, backed their truck into one of the new block walls COMPLETELY KNOCKING IT DOWN.

If nothing else, we have learned a TON from this experience.

I’m focusing on the positives (and leaving the rest for Paul).

We’re hoping the windows, doors and garage door will be installed this week.

After that, the shelves will be made and we begin the process of cleaning out the attic. That will probably take years. *smile*

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