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Tracy / January 27, 2014

I’m so glad this work isn’t dependent on me these days! I can feel this third trimester this week. Our little one is stretching and kicking- I look forward to warm baths and putting my feet up!

While I am working on smaller projects, I’m so thankful for the work being done in the house.

These are pictures from yesterday:

Matt was saying, “Really Mom, pictures??!”. What does he expect??? 😀

We were preparing for the drywall work to begin in our new kitchen and dining room.

The older children moved the drywall to the back porch to prepare it to be hung. It was hard work, I know. They were such fun to watch. They were actually singing as each 12 foot section made it’s way to a neat stack in the back.

This morning was the deadline for most everything being moved out of the way in preparation for work to begin.

This is very much like moving! We are sorting, organizing and packing. It seems like the entire rest of our home is one big mess. I would like to say “organized chaos”, but right now, it’s just more like chaos.

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