Corona Virus- Quarantine, Day 8

What a day.

I got up feeling better than yesterday. We watched our church service streaming online, (which was so nice.)

Now, I’m back to running a temp now and coughing quite a bit, again.

I think I have tracked how I was exposed to this virus.

I have 5 other family members now showing signs.

Today, I started a few load of laundry. I cleaned off my dresser. I filled out our census paperwork. I’ve not felt like doing much beyond those things.

My symptoms started with a headache that lasted almost a week. Next came coughing and a massive amount of head congestion. Fever was next. I actually woke up with my temp having gone back down, but it’s up again tonight.

My throat is so sore. My lymph nodes are swollen. They are making my ears hurt. (Fisherman’s Friend cough drops have been so nice to have. This is the first time I have ever used them. I can’t imagine not having them in the house now.)

I am praying this will move on through my family.

I’ve been looking at the amount of food local stores will allow you to purchase. I have absolutely no idea how I will feed my crew with that size purchase, but for now, we are good. I am trusting the Lord will provide for us when the need arises! <3

    Today’s meals:

B- Cereal (We will need milk before we have cereal again. We will most likely plan for some other meal since I don’t want to take the chance of exposing someone to this bug.)

L- Chicken sandwiches (Buns from our last grocery visit, and chicken from the freezer.)

D- King’s Ranch Chicken from the freezer with salsa and chips from our pantry

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