Corona Virus- Quarantine, Day 4

I had a friend use the phrase, “makeover your leftovers”.

That is a good motto for what we are doing in our home, too.

Today’s meals:

Breakfast- Bran Muffins from the freezer with Little Smokies we found from Christmas, (also in the freezer)
Lunch- Chili Mac and saltines (the chili I made yesterday cooked with elbow macaroni from the pantry)
Dinner- Fajitas (This was fun! I realized I had some peppers going bad. We still had some tortillas and onions from the first of the month grocery trip, and 2 packets of fajita seasoning that has been in the pantry for too long!)

Tonight, when the house had been straightened, we played flashlight tag through the house. We issued everyone flashlights and turned off the lights in the entire house. It’s a big game of hide and seek- and SO MUCH FUN!

All is well, though I wish I knew why I am suddenly having pretty bad headaches. We are also still waiting to hear about Paul’s job.

God is faithful!

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