Corona Virus- Quarantine, Day 3

Day 3- No symptoms.

We are still hearing stories.

We haven’t had to go to the store. I see some folks finding what they need at local stores, and some are leaving empty-handed.

Our meals today have been good. I think we are enjoying family time around our table together.

I made broth from my last rotisserie chicken. The chicken is divided and in the freezer for 2 more meals. The jars of broth are in the freezer. Having fed so many people on a limited budget for many years, I can say, these chickens are one of the best buys in a grocery store- especially if you find the ones that have been marked down! That meat can really stretch when you need it to, and the broth is easy and flavorful.

B- Pancakes

L- Leftover Asian Chicken and Rice

D- Chili and Cornbread (My mama’s recipe- chili- a little hamburger, tomatoes, dried beans, and spices from the pantry. The cornbread was made with cornmeal, eggs, and sour cream that was going to go bad. I’m trying to use every single thing we have in our fridge. The goal is NO WASTE! Sour cream is SO good baked into cornbread, or cakes. I use it interchangeably with liquids I would normally add to a recipe.)

Today, we worked on our school assignments out in the yard and then started pressure washing the house. I believe the children ended up with more water than the house. 🙂  I’m thankful for their laughter in the house and in the yard. It makes for a happy heart.

Paul continued work on our new room. Tonight we have the two moving lights installed and working. Tomorrow, the other 5 will come to life. I’m so happy with how this room is coming along. In spite of other things being placed on hold, this room makes progress. It’s fun to watch.

This morning, I woke up with this hymn on my heart:


Praise God! He is faithful!!


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