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Tracy / November 2, 2013

So many of you have been praying for me, praying for my family, knowing the loss we have suffered this year.

March brought the news that Mama only had 1-3 years. We hoped for some miracle. We hoped there would be some other news, but each visit only brought more knowledge of the growing cancer in her body.

I know it must have been incredibly painful for Paul to watch me hurt. He would come home and just hold me while I cried. He prayed for, and encouraged me each day.

One day, he came home to tell me he had decided that by fall I might really need some rest. He looked and looked and was able to locate a beach house, the exact beach house we stayed in with my mom nearly 20 years ago. He found it and rented it for us for four days. I was in shock- it was unexpected and so very thoughtful. We’ve only been away from our children one time (for 2 nights), when it was not a work-related trip during our entire marriage.

We both wondered if we might need to cancel if she were too sick for me to be away. I knew she would be finished with her first round of chemo. It was my understanding that she might have a time when she could return to work for a while.

Of course, it wasn’t meant to be- the Lord had unexpected timing.

The summer ended and fall began. It was time for our trip a week ago, on Monday.

The original beach trip had been one she mentioned quite often. She had enjoyed the time looking for shells. She brought a huge pool net to catch crabs and little fish. The children loved seeing what she would dip out of the water.

The weather was perfect last week …too cool for swimming, but absolutely wonderful for just lingering in the breeze.

Our first day was a planned trip to Lambert’s Cafe. We have a special fondness for this place….it was delicious, as usual!

We arrived just before the sunset. It was the most odd feeling to be in that house…I could almost see her on the porch, and in the kitchen. I expected to see her standing in the sand. I have many wonderful memories in that house.

I would have never realized how wonderful these days with Paul would be for me. I needed them more than I knew. I enjoyed the time- I was able to talk and share with him.

It was a week full of sweet, wonderful memories. I am a blessed woman. I am married to a man who cares for me more than I’ll ever deserve.

God is good. All the time.

Fort Morgan:

Watching a jet over the ocean:

Spending time:

Sunrise the morning we left:

Four days of absolutely *PERFECT* memories with my best friend.
I love you, Paul.

3 thoughts on “Beach Trip

    1. Oh, Jennifer.
      You know, I don’t think he has even seen this picture yet. Jessica, however, has and DID say something. *Sigh*

  1. Sounds wonderful! But how in the world do you do this and not think about your children long enough to enjoy your husband? Please tell me! Because I would love to have a get-away with Brian, but all I ever do is worry about the twins and talk about the twins and wonder what the twins are doing!!!!

    So glad you got this time away with your best friend 🙂

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