June 2, 2019- June 8, 2019


I am slowly, SLOWLY trying to catch up with all the notes and photos I have on my phone. After I write these posts, it is easier for me to go back and scrapbook them.

I have not been so good about keeping up with scrapbooks for my little people. While I have several big volumes of photos for my older children, life got busy and I only have one I finished last year, of my little ones.

I’m trying to correct that, which is partly why Paul suggested I start making time for the blog again.

I am going to have to figure out how to fit this AND sleep into my life, lol. I want and need both.


Quiet, quiet day. One of the big boys asked if I realized how calm and quiet the house has been over the last year.

I do…

My youngest is 3 now. The season of life is changing. There is more time for rest and reflection.

I miss all my children being young. I have enjoyed the baby years, but rest is also good. <3

I talked to Sheryl again. She wanted to talk to me. I tried to be positive, but I can hear it in her voice. Her time is drawing near.

Dear Lord, thank you for this gift of friendship. Please comfort her heart.

I wish I could be there to hold her hand. I know she is surrounded by her family and friends that love her. I wish I could be there.


Matthew flew out to Honduras. He is going on a mission trip and will be helping to build a parsonage for a pastor there.

I’m thankful he has this opportunity.  I’m thankful he wants to be used by the Lord.

My mind has lingered in prayer for him all day.

Emma’s day to have her arm x-rays.


As it turns out, there were three breaks. Two across her arm and one across her wrist. The break in her wrist was across a growth plate. Thankfully, they all seem to be healing well.

We had to wait a couple of hours (I think almost 3!) to see the doctor today. He gave her a good report and then sent her to have a new cast. This one is waterproof. That is going to make life much easier for her, I think.

She is feeling pretty good, but that arm does stay sore. I think she tries to do more than she should.

We go back in 4 weeks for another x-ray.

She will hopefully be out of a cast, but it is looking like she might be in an arm brace for several months.


My mind has been on Sheryl since I woke up this morning. I’ve prayed and prayed for her today.


Sheryl passed away this afternoon. (I wrote this before the blog was posted.)

I feel happy for her. I’m really so happy her suffering is done.

I know I will see her again.

I also feel frozen. I have cried and cried this afternoon. Paul just sat and kept his arm around me. I have been blessed with a friendship that has spanned more years than most of my children have been on this earth.

I love the scripture from John 11  that was written concerning the death of Lazarus.

Jesus was fully God. He knew what was going to happen to Lazarus, and yet the Bible tells us TWO times He was deeply moved.

He was fully God. He was fully man. He understands more about this life and more about death than we do, and yet, He also knows our human hearts and has such compassion for our pain.

I have found a great deal of comfort in these verses over the last couple of years, and especially these last few weeks.

I have been losing my friend. I’ve had family issues. I have had health issues.

I try so hard to balance it all, but sometimes, it just feels overwhelming, and then I pray.

I know that the Lord is looking at my hurting heart this week and is deeply moved. I know He sees me.

Praise God.


I went to see my grandmother today. She seemed so much better.


She was talking a lot to us. She did call me by name, but all of the other conversation didn’t follow any pattern, at all.

Paul and I ate lunch and then it was time for my second iron infusion. http://www.LinesFromTheVine.com

I don’t feel any different yet. They tell me it could take up to a month before I can tell I’ve had it.

It will be nice to not feel exhausted. It will be nice to be able to think.


I did learn last week that I need to have a lot of protein on infusion days and the day after.  Latest week, it took me a few days to recover. I felt so nauseated and light-headed. It took 2 days to feel better.

It feels awful to have to sit in this place today. There are too many memories of my mom.  There is such sadness as I miss my friend terribly and think over the path she has traveled.

When I look around me, I see people who are so sick. I want to go and pray over each of them. I want to tell them I love them. I want to tell them the Lord loves them, and sees each and every one.

I brought a bag of things to work on while I wait today, but all I can do is pray.


On the way home we stopped by Walmart for a couple of things.

As we were leaving, we were stopped and asked if a man could speak to us in the parking lot.

The last time this happened, I was with Tim and it wasn’t good.

I started to just walk on past, but the gnawing feeling I needed to stop was something I couldn’t dismiss.

He and his friend were recovering addicts. They were selling crosses for a ministry  I am too familiar with- I’ve loved and I’ve lost so much in recent years- one was a precious family member I played with so many years of my childhood. He had once been part of this ministry. He lost his battle with addiction the year after my mom passed.

I lingered with these two young men. One told us he has read more in his Bible this last month than in his entire life. He’s been clean for 68 days.

I told him I was learning Ephesians this year. He said, “Well, you know there is that verse that says to hide His word in your heart so you will not sin against Him.” After a few minutes, I remembered the exact verse- Psalm 115:11!  I told him where it was in his Bible.

(It sounds like a small thing, I know, but if you knew the battle that I’ve been living trying to memorize scripture this last year, you would understand. I have an unquenchable thirst that I can’t  explain except that I prayed and asked the Lord to give me a deep-rooted desire for His word. I want to learn the words. I want to learn to apply them better. I want them hidden deep within my heart so that I might not sin against Him.)

Praise God for answered prayers.

On any normal day, these two young men may have scared me, but there was faith and a voice that I needed to be still and let Him unfold what was I believe, a divine appointment.

Paul bought one of their crosses. We asked them to sign their names on the back so that every single time we walk past this cross in our home, we might remember to pray for them.


Praise God. Praise God. Praise God!

Let me see people with YOUR eyes, Lord.


We are expecting terrible storms this weekend. I have several things happening this weekend. I’m not sure what will get done and what will have to wait. I remember when worry would have crept into my thoughts over not being able to get it all done.

I guess age, or maturity, or just greater faith have set in.

God is faithful.

He will allow us to do every single thing that needs to be done.

Paul and I took the children to safety days at the Heart of Dixie Railroad today.


That was SO much fun!


My youngest children have never been on a train. Years ago, when we took our older children, the train route was only about half the length it is now. They had such a great time!

While we were there, we also saw a demonstration about how you can be electrocuted if power lines fall on your car, the dangers of texting and driving, what happens to your brain if you have a bike accident and aren’t wearing a helmet, and how to evacuate a school bus if there is an emergency.

Even Paul passed that test. 🙂



The weather ended up being glorious.


Today, my thoughts and prayers are with Matthew. He is to be gone a few more days.


All week, I’ve wanted to be back in Kansas for Sheryl’s memorial. I am having to rest knowing the Lord did not intend for me to be there or He would have made a way like He did before.

Paul left this morning.

We thought he would be off for some time, but he was called to work a baseball tournament at the last minute.

I’m not sure when he will be back. That will depend entirely on who wins. The not knowing is always the hardest. It is so much easier when he leaves if we can say he will only be gone ___ number of days.

Today, happens to be National Donut Day. Our local radio station is also having a picnic in the park at Vulcan this morning. I think we will try to do both!

Krispy Kreme-




I think these photos speak for themselves. 🙂

Picnic at the Park-

There were supposed to be storms all day. The local Christian radio station is hosting a picnic. I was amazed at God’s favor. The rain chances have diminished until 3pm- just after the picnic is to be over!!






We had so much fun. A couple from our church was there and sat by us. They happen to be the parents of one of the DJ’s. I felt like we had VIP passes just because we were hanging out with them! 

We were also blessed to hear this young woman sing. I’ll post her video at the bottom of this week’s journal. I *love* her music.


The children were all so excited to run around Vulcan Park. It was a good day.

After we left, we hugged our friends, and left for Walmart to get free donuts at the bakery.

My little people were completely worn out when we got back home! Toby was asleep before we reached the driveway. I’m thankful for the big brothers who unpacked him and got him into bed for a nap.

I spent the evening baking bread for the farmer’s market and getting our things packed.

I can bake 6 loaves at a time. Out of those first 6, five will go to the market, I’ll have children standing around with a stick of butter waiting to eat that last loaf. 🙂

It was a quiet night.


Indoor farmer’s markets are the BEST! I really wasn’t expecting a huge crowd, but we had an awesome turnout and made quite a bit.

I’m thankful we were able to spend time with these two:

I love watching Courtney with her little one. I always knew she would be a good mama. It is just fun to watch it happening. <3


It was such a great location. We had AIR CONDITIONING. We were out of the possible rain. AND I was able to take my menu planner and make my grocery list between customers.

I met a woman who had gone to the radio station picnic the day before. She is delightful!

When the clock ticked 12, we packed up to leave.




Emma and I spent the afternoon buying groceries, and new shoes for her.

On the way home, we stopped by an area Walmart to finish our groceries.

I never walk through the garden center without some specific purpose, but I was drawn to it-

I’ve spent the last few months making a master list of every room and the spaces outside. I’ve written down everything that needs to be repaired, changed or added. I prayed that the Lord might give me and my little list favor. One by one, I’ve been trying to knock things off of that list.

Would you believe 4 weeping willows are on the list. I’ve wanted them for years, and here they were for $5!!!  I bought 4.


Thank you, Lord!

The drive home was “interesting”. I already had 2 weeks worth of groceries in the car. Now I needed to add 4 trees and 4 bags of compost, lol. I knew they were supposed to be mine so I just bought them and decided we would figure it out when we got to the car.

These trees are like 17 feet tall. I just know we are on going to be on that people of Walmart website. 😀

I told Emma in a day and age when people are looking for green spaces, we have one that is mobile. I feel trendy!

And it still didn’t rain.

When we got home, we unloaded all of what we had purchased. Ben and I headed to the field to plant our trees.

We were just covering the last root ball with dirt and the rain began to fall.

The Lord blessed us with 4 beautiful trees. He even watered them in for us. <3

Prayer Requests

  • I’m always happy to pray for all of you. Please pray for me, too.
  • Sheryl’s family. I just know she is happy and whole. I know if she is able, she will find my mama and give her a big hug from me. Maybe they will be friends and Sheryl can share with her my children have grown. Neither of them are hurting anymore, but there are a lot of people who miss both of them terribly.
  • Matthew will be traveling home early next week. Please pray for his safe travels.

With my love,

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