Mattress Pad

Tracy / October 18, 2011

This house was packed with all sorts of household items when we moved in last January.

While most of it we donated to local thrift stores, I did hold on to a few things that I thought we could use.

This mattress pad, was in great shape, but really didn’t fit any beds we owned. Still, I thought, eventually I’ll have a use for it! Re-creating it into a crib mattress cover was really easy– and FREE since I had the cover.

First, I placed the pad under the mattress and stretched it around the mattress. Make sure you leave enough room all the way around for the cover to come up the sides with about an inch of additional fabric.

Second (sorry I don’t have pictures of this…I wasn’t really planning to post this but thought it might be helpful to someone), pull the side and one end of fabric together to create a seam line. The picture shows the fabric after it was serged.

Next, cut away any remaining fabric along the edges of the cover. By now, it should fit over the mattress easily, but snug enough so it won’t bunch under the baby when she’s in the crib.

Serge the entire cover all the way around the bottom to finish the edges.

I know I could have sewn elastic all the way around the bottom, but in an effort to conserve sewing supplies, I just cut about an 8″ piece, centered it onto each corner, pinned in the middle and gave it a little stretch before stitching it into place.


I had enough left to create these two pillow covers:

and still some for maybe a doll quilt (Christmas gift?) and another project.

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