CAP Encampment

Don’t mind me this week, I’ll just stay here in this corner and pout for just a while.

I may be feeling just a *little* sorry for myself. Of course, I know it’s not about me….it’s about him. He is growing up. He’s a man. He’s doing man things now.

Jacob is at CAP encampment all week. When we dropped him off, he was smiling from ear to ear as he was quickly ushered away to his barracks by a young man who was just one decibel below yelling…what about this is fun again??

Jacob was ready. He had packed all his clothes, and an iron, and had his toiletry bag tag laminated. He had packed, and packed and re-packed.

Oddly enough, I didn’t even have to wake him on Saturday morning. He was dressed and ready to go when I woke up for the day.

He’ll be at camp all week….
I hear there are glider flights in his future (gasp!). I know there is some muddy obstacle course he thought was going to be such fun.

Here at home, he’s been missed. It’s unbelievable to most, how we can have so many people here and miss one so very much. Him being gone, has just left a big hole in our home.

I’m so proud of him. He is taking responsibility. He was never meant to be dependent on mama all of his life. He is a man. I will be glad to have him home again this weekend, but I know he’s probably having the time of his life.

I’ll step away now…I have to go and get some tissue for myself and his papa (who woke me up with, “I wonder what Jake is doing right now?”), and go give the youngest Lambert and extra squeeze knowing soon he’ll be doing man things, too.

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