Illness and Accident

We are ‘counting it all joy’ this week, in our home.

After a long bout of illness in late January, this last couple of weeks have found us sick AGAIN.
This has been a particularly nasty bug. My littles were all first to become ill. Slowly, it crept through our home. Owen and I have been the last to catch the illness. That’s good since I was able to keep the house moving forward while everyone else was feeling so poor.

Of course now, I am feeling terrible and we are weary of everyone being sick. Paul has been on the road over the last couple of weeks and was only scheduled to be home for ONE DAY for almost an entire month. I’m encouraging him to find a hotel- on his one day off. 🙁 I just don’t want him to catch what is going around our home, but I miss him terribly.

Sometimes, life is hard. Sometimes it just seems too hard.

In the midst of all this illness, our car was in the shop to have work done. The van has recently had brakes replaced but they still sound horrible.

On Wednesday, Jacob’s truck wouldn’t work ,so a tow truck was called. Since both of our cars were having issues, a co-worker had agreed to take Jacob to and from work. He decided at the last minute it would be easier for him if Jacob just took his little truck home and picked him up the next day.

Wednesday night, it rained all night.

Wed roads, unfamiliar vehicle, and recovering from flu all made for a disastrous recipe.

Jacob lost control of the car three doors down from our home. The car spun and then started flipping. I’m thankful for neighbors who sat with him until I could arrive to take him to the hospital.

I’m thankful the injuries weren’t worse. I could say Jacob was lucky, but that is absolutely not true. The Lord had His hands on him.

We’ve still got to figure out how to repair our neighbor’s yard.

Jacob has a staple in his head and a dozen stitches in his hand. Those things will thankfully heal.

I love my son. This accident could have been so much worse.

I’m counting it all joy since I hope this has been a learning experience for all of my family.

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