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Jacob’s Finger

We’ve had a pretty interesting day. On this evening, we’re glad Jacob still has all ten fingers. Boys. I think… Continue reading »

October 3, 2011

To tell the truth, we’ve not felt so well the last week. I hate to see them not feeling well,… Continue reading »


It seems so long since I’ve updated this site. Dial-up is another world when you are used to high-speed internet…. Continue reading »

A Piece of the Past

Some very dear friends brought Jacob back an especially meaningful gift recently: One of Jacob’s very favorite TV shows is… Continue reading »

July 16, 2011

This has been a long, long week. As we are preparing and starting our new school year, I’m always tweaking… Continue reading »


You make my world happy, my sweet and growing, young son!!

Another New Driver…

We’ve had so much happening in our little world these last few months…. Jacob took the test for his permit… Continue reading »

A Boy and a Dog

Jacob has been helping a neighboring elderly woman with her dog. I’m not sure who is receiving the most benefit:

On Chickens and Blessings

It’s an odd thing to see your sons becoming men. It seems as little boys, you catch a glimpse here… Continue reading »

Jacob’s New Pet

This little guy landed on Jacob’s shoulder while he was outside yesterday: We have a new love for hummingbirds now…my… Continue reading »

When the Chicken is Dirty….

What else do you do?? I walked into my guest bathroom to find this yesterday: *sigh* Boys. Boys. Boys. What… Continue reading »

Jacob’s 14th Birthday

The second birthday this week, Jacob turned 14! He is changing by the day and becoming a man right before… Continue reading »